ELTRA brand encoders offers a complete range of encoders with resolution up to pulses per turn (ppr) with a wide flange choice and several electronic. The ELTRA experts work through a network of agencies in more than 60 countries worldwide. Find your local ELTRA representative here. A range of Eltra Encoders. Eltra produce one of the largest ranges of both Incremental and Absolute encoders, available from any of the worlds manufacturers.

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Crossovers for Eltra Encoders

Extremely sturdy magnetic encoder lines, developed for a reliable position sensing of the Tilt and Azimuth angles in solar trackers. Description Technical features EP rotary encoders series with potentiometric output signal. External diameter max 30 mm Shaft diameter max 6,35 mm Resolution max 1.

I agreed to subscribe to the newsletter. Rotary and linear encoders with magnetic sensing technology, particularly solid and with an high Ektra sealing.

Behind any invention or technology innovation there’s always the ingenious of a human being. Several flanges and output types available up to 28 Vdc input voltage. I read and accept the Privacy Policy. Elevated IP rated devices, resistant to liquids and to a broad spectrum of temperature, suited for glass and ceramics manufacturing.

Wind energy Encoder series resistant to a wide range of temperature and to extreme environments, developed to optimize the Pitch and Yaw systems in wind turbines.

Robotics Encoders featuring high resolution and output frequency to ensure the maximum accuracy of automated systems and industrial robots.

Incremental and absolute encoder

Excavating machines Stainless steel solutions with high IP sealing, to ensure a long durability and resistance dltra the device also in corrosive and harsh environments. Filter per categories Product type Rotary encoder – Select a filter value – Incremental With Hall effect phases Singleturn absolute Multiturn absolute Modular – kit encoder Other products and accessories.


If you are arriving by car, Montebello’s highway exit is at less of 5 Km away while the Montecchio Maggiore is about 10 km far.

High-accuracy and easy mounting encoder lines, designed for linear long distance measurement. Top accuracy and precision encoder series to ensure an optimal control on the latest medical-scientific technologies.

Paper and print High IP rated encoder series resistant to the water and the humidity produced by the processing of the pulp of the paper.

Series with a high IP sealing, extremely adaptable and easy to fix, particularly suitable for motion control application. Very sturdy and solid solutions, ATEX marked, available with several electronic interface options for a precise and safe control elltra winches and drillers.

ELTRA contact information – distribution worldwide

Download the file Download. Encoded diameter max 30 mm Shaft diameter max 6 mm Resolution max 2. Wood processing Devices featuring excellent resolution and high speedspecially fit for milling machines, presses and CNC Computer Numerical Control. Stepper motors Absolutely compact and easy to fix encoders, designed to be highly adaptable and to ensure the maximum reliability.

Lines of optical and magnetic encoders, resistant to a broad spectrum of temperature and to high speed rotation. Linear transducer – Select a filter value – Incremental Absolute potentiometer Absolute magnetostrictive Other products and accessories.

Absolutely compact and easy to fix encoders, designed to be highly adaptable and to ensure the maximum reliability. I’ve lost my password. External diameter OD – Select a filter value – Incremental and absolute rotary encoder series, with high resolution and accuracy, to ensure total reliability and safety. Remember me next time.


Stainless steel encoder lines, with high IP sealing to protect the device from chemical products and liquids and ensure the maximum reliability.

Winches and drillers Very sturdy and solid solutions, ATEX marked, available with several electronic interface options for a precise and safe control of winches and drillers. For any doubts, information or clarification regarding technical details of our encoders, please contact our Customer support service at the e-mail address: Labellers High-speed and output frequency encoder models, designed for an accurate and effective control of speed and position.

The potentiometer is fitted in a sturdy housing and it’s supported by two bearings, assuring excellent lifetime, speed and accuracy. Brushless motors Very solid devices with Hall Effect integrated, high resistance and a eltraa range of resolution and of electronic output available.

Eltra rotary encoders and linear trasducers

Along the years Eltra has become a company with a global presenceclients all over the world and a distribution network that covers all the continents but, at the same time, we have never forgotten our identity of Italian industryputting the quality of our products and the service rendered to our Customers ahead of anything else. Plastic and rubber Compact and easy mounting incremental and absolute encoder lines, developed to operate at a wide range of temperature.

No wear due to the absence of bearings and easy assembly.