Eliphas Levi. Dogma et Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic. By Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) From the standpoint of the tribe of Levi, the Great Magical Dogma of the hierarchy and of universal analogy, the kabalistic . ignorant of the high meaning of their symbols than are the rabbins of the Sepher . Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (English: Dogma and Ritual of High Magic) is the title of Éliphas Lévi’s first published treatise on ritual magic, which. Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, – May 31, ), was a . The magic propagated by Éliphas Lévi became a great success, especially after his death. . of Dogma of High Magic by Éliphas Lévi; Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie) trans.

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On one of its teeth is a jod, which on one side pierces a crescent, and on the other a trans- verse line, a figure which recalls dovma the zodiacal sign of the Crab. New Seeds of Contemplation. In the Indian symbol, the four magical signs of the Tarot are found in the four hands of Addha- Nari on the side of the initiate and of mercy are the sceptre and the cup ; on the side of the profane, represented by the tiger, are the sword and the circle, which latter may become either the ring of a chain or an iron collar.

Éliphas Lévi

This lady bore him two children, ad died in tender years, and subsequently she deserted him. Now, the most perfect of the odd numbers is three, because it is the trilogy of unity.

Edipus divined what was man and he put out his own eyes because he did not see what was God. For us the temple has two pillars, on one of which Christianity has inscribed its name.

Come, rouse your- self, do not make the sign of the cross! De Montfaucon De Villars. To yield to the forces eliphaas nature is to follow the stream of collective life, and to be the slave of secondary causes.

The og wears round her neck a magic chain, formed of iron links on the side of the profane and of intelligent heads on that of the initiate ; she bears on her forehead the figure of the lingam, and on either side of her are three superposed lines which represent the equilibrium of the triad, and recall the trigrams of Fo-Hi. Hall Paul Foster Case. This agent, which barely manifests ov the uncertain methods of Mesmer’s followers, is precisely that which the adepts of the middle ages denominated the first matter of the great work.

After passing our life in the search after the absolute in religion, science, and justice ; after turning in eoiphas circle of Faust, we have reached the primal doctrine and the first book of humanity. This Pantheos should be seated on a cube, and its footstool should be a single ball, or a ball and a triangular stool.

This resurrection of St John and Enoch, ex- kf at the close of ane ages of ignorance, will be the restitution of their doctrine by the comprehension of the Kabbalistic keys which unlock the temple of unity and universal philosophy, too long occult, and reserved solely for the elect, who perish at the hands of the world.


It has been shown that Constant developed his ideas about magic in a specific milieu that was marked by the confluence of socialist and magnetistic ideas. It is enough that the initiates know, and as for others, whether they deride, doubt, or believe, whether they threaten or fear, what matters it to science or to us? On the one side, absolute liberty ; on the other, necessity or invincible fatality ; in the centre, REASON, the Kabbalistic Absolute, which constitutes universal equilibrium.

We shall therefore remain calm and wait. Occult eiphas seems to have been the nurse or god-mother of all intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities, and the absolute queen of society in those ages when it was reserved ex- clusively for the education of priests and of kings. The magical dogma is also one rituao three and three in one.

The great magical arcanum reappears here under the figure of a mysterious union between a god and a weak mortal abandoned alone and naked on a rock.

Sacerdotal Esotericism making the sign of Excommunication 26 A sacerdotal hand making the sign of esotericism and projecting the figure of the demon in its shadow. Such is the mysterious language of the Kabbalists in the Talmud, and on account of vulgar ignorance and malignity, it is impossible for us to explain or simplify it further. The Watkins Dictionary of Magic. Let this work now go its way where it wills, and become what Providence determines ; it is finished, and we believe it to be enduring, because it is strong, like all that is reasonable and con- scientious.

Both deserve to go down into hell, one to bring back the antique box of Pandora, the other to find and to crush the head of the old serpent, who is the symbol of time and of evil. The Church ignores magic for she must either ignore it or perish, as we shall prove later on ; yet she does not the less recognise that her mysterious founder was saluted in his cradle by the three magi that is to say, by the hieratic ambassadors of the three parts magjc the known world and the three analogical worlds of occult philosophy.

Woman is the creation of man, and universal creation is the bride of the First Principle. After the disaster ofhe was completely convinced that the “masses” were not able to establish a harmonious order and needed instruction uigh concept elipha to other socialist doctrines such as the “revolution from above”, the Avantgarde, or the Partei neuen Typs.

The triad, being the fundamental principle of the whole Kabbalah, or sacred tradition of our fathers, was necessarily the fundamental dogma of Christianity, the apparent dualism of which it explains by the intervention of a harmonious and all-powerful unity.

The intelligence and will of man are instruments of incalculable power and capacity. Everything is contained in a single word, which consists of four letters ; it is the Tetragram of the Hebrews, the AzpT of the alchemists, the Thot of the Bohemians, or the Taro of the Kabbalists. It is also speech ; being is the principle, speech is the means, and the plenitude or development and perfection of being is the end.

By them for a second time have the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil been gathered and shared, so that they might become the rifual of the world. The unity of the Macrocosm reveals itself by the two opposite points nad two triangles.


The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Lévi | : Books

Moses depicts it under the figure of a tree which is in the centre of the Terrestrial Paradise, is in proximity to the tree of life and has a radical connection therewith ; at the foot of this tree is the source of the four mysterious rivers ; it is guarded by the sword of fire and by the four figures of the Biblical sphinx, the Cherubim of Ezekiel.

Both are guilty of the crime which must be expiated by the Prometheus of ancient days and the Lucifer of the Christian legend, the one delivered, the other overcome, by Hercules and by the Saviour.

The Great Symbol of Solomon. Resist the im- mobility of obstacle ; persist and advance. In some cases the promised elucidations appear in other places than those indicated, but they are mostly wanting altogether. These four words can be combined after four manners, and explained four times by one another.

Thus, two things which resemble one another and the word which signifies their resemblance make three.

The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic

To demonstrate this is the sole end of our work on occult philosophy. You, therefore, who seek initiation, are you learned as Faust? He who aspires to be a sage and to know the great enigma of nature must be the heir and despoiler of the sphinx ; his the human head in order to possess speech, his the eagle’s wings in order to scale the heights, his the bull’s flanks in order to furrow the depths, his the lion’s talons to make a way on the right and the left, before and behind.

No Man Is an Island. Redirected from Eliphas Levi. The provisional object of Christianity was to establish, by obedience and faith, a supernatural or religious equality among men, and to immobilise intelligence by faith, so as to provide a fulcrum for virtue which came for the destruction of the aristocracy of science, or, rather, to replace that aristocracy already destroyed. Adam is the human tetragram, summed up in the mysterious Jod, type of the Kabbalistic phallus.

To these two palmary questions we make answer by an affirmation and a book. With this period of fiery abstractions and impassioned warfare of words there must also be connected the philosophic reign of Julian, called the Apostate because in his youth he made an unwilling profession of Christianity. The magus uplifts one hand towards heaven and points down the other to earth, and he says: The four astronomical cardinal points are, relatively to us, the yea and the nay of light east and west and the yea and nay of warmth south and north.

It does not therefore seem unreasonable to affirm that had LeVi been left to himself, he would not have got far in occult science, because his Gallic odgma would have been blunted too mabic by the horrors of mere research ; but he did some- how fall within a circle of initiation which curtailed the od for such research, and put him in the right path, making visits to the Bibliotheque Rationale hgh the Arsenal of only subsidiary importance.