Publicada por aclamación pública en Argentina, El anatomista de Federico Andahazi lleva a los lectores a Venecia en el siglo XVI. Pues este es. And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mystery. Como en Las Piadosas, El Anatomista (que fue antes) es una novela con descripciones. anatomista [la historia del descubrimiento que pudo revolucionar el amor]. User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. Mateo Colon, an anatomist of the.

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Bola de fuego empantanada: But the book is usually a great fun to read.

El Anatomista

El final es espectacular: Well, of course no woman over the several millennia leading up to Colombo’s “discover” would have ever figured this out for herself. His is a crime of disclosure, heinous and heretical in the Church’s eyes, in A lyrically written, sensual, and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist’s astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe. The “discovery” of the clitoris was as amazing and life-changing for the western world as Colombus finding America!!

Return to Book Page. Put modern day sensibilities away when you read this – it is not designed to be sl official doctrine for women in today’s climate. Colombo’s discovery fecerico to him being tried for heresy with his life on the line. Me llevo a la espera de un final y fue inesperado. With a prose that does not forget the novelist, the author conducted this first volume in an exhaustive investigation that starts from the original cultures and reaches the May Revolution. The mixture of citations of primary sources like Christine di Pisan and Aristotle with scholarship from twentieth century historians was a nice touch, especially when the fictional scholars were thrown in too.


It was at this time when he began writing his first stories.

This book doesn’t seem to hold that much respect for women. A love triangle for the cynical at heart. The Anatomist, Mateo Colombo, in his research at celebrates Venetian institution “finds” the clitoris. Feb 08, Ricardo rated it it was amazing.

Put modern day sensibilities away wh After reading some of the reviews, I say “don’t shoot the messenger”. The essay runs in an hypothesis through all his work: La obscenidad es la imposibilidad de hablar de todos los temas, cuando dl quieren cambiar la cabeza. It’s a fictionalised story of Mateo Colombo, who was an anatomist at Padua University and he “discovered” the clitoris.

The Anatomist

And, of course, that fair breakthrough concerned the fair sex. This is a skillfully told tale; I’m surprised it doesn’t have a wider audience. El perfume feat El nombre de la rosa.

Because that’s all women are, apparently: The discovery of the clitoris can’t come out, suggesting that women have a female penis, could be equal to men etc etc. During his adolescence, he began to read the classical Argentine and universal authors.


It’s just a bit vile. His books are the subject of many reviews and studies. And I just thought In addition I thought it was tastefully erot This novel is nicely done–deserving of more credit than many reviewers here have given it. The author has obviously, very much so, written the book to expose the sexist, complicit attitude of the church and society regarding women firstly, and their sexuality, secondly.

El Anatomista – Federico Andahazi – Google Books

Yeah, it could have been longer, but then it could not be federivo in a single sitting. Nope, not a fan. When the postmodern author decides to have a literary outing into the history, the result is usually not too complimentary for the historic science.