Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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We worked very hard to make it a truly interdenominational event. Serious Illness and Medical Treatments While I was very grateful for the excellent and helpful medical treatments I received, some of the procedures were as painful as the illness itself. In essence, Edgarod Our World. Inhe established the International Transformation Network, a voluntary association that creates alliances between clergy and local marketplaces, and toward that end he travels throughout the year encouraging cooperation between various religious groups.

Week after week, I begged God to send a touch of revival, and as part of that, to allow Christians to reach an entire city for Christ.

School of Transformation

You will be taught by myself and a superb faculty of successful practitioners from around the globe who are eager to share with and impart to you. During this empowering and uplifting edgardoo week session, you will interact with leading practitioners and be immersed in biblical principles to experience transformation in yourself, your family, in your sphere of influence and beyond.

Retrieved June 8, Finally, on Wednesday at midnight I was heading for the training center after dropping Harvey off slivoso his hotel. One of the greatest and most dramatic miracles in modern history has taken place inside the walls of that prison. The fear of God fell upon the city.


Ed Silvoso

A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival. As soon as I parked the car at the training center, the Holy Spirit took over and led me through hours of prayer in a Romans chapter 8 fashion—He prayed for me and through me.

What Satan must have thought as an impregnable place, now hosted an emerging Christian church.

Some traditional churches went into shock. God Encounters Religious Organization.


Finally, a church-planting team was formally established. By those standards, Olmos was more than qualified. Blesssings, Geoff Like Like. On August 30,Harvest Evangelism was officially and legally born. Mario Murillo Ministry Nonprofit Organization.

You will be equipped to experience greater intimacy dilvoso marriage — whether you are currently married or preparing to be. He has addressed huge audiences in the United States and around the world in arenas and stadiums and at multimedia events.

Once or twice a week I was hooked to a machine that performed a plasmapheresis. Thank God It’s Monday!

My body was ready to quit anytime. At one point, we found ourselves inside the Provincial Court of Appeals with seven appellate judges, five of whom confessed Christ as their personal Savior. Satan was exploiting an area of silvodo life where I had given the enemy an entrance, mainly through ignorance.


If you get the job, we may even hurt you.

I found the answer while preparing an assignment for Dr. On the day I left Resistencia, the plane took off toward the east, flying over the Ailvoso River, which kilometers further south washes the beaches of my native San Nicolas.

This was an auspicious beginning in a city where we were told 68 of the 70 existing congregations were the result of church splits.

We decided to set edgaddo three days for intercession for the purpose of finding out from God if my illness was an illness unto life or an illness unto death. See more of Ed Silvoso on Facebook.

School of Transformation – Transform Our World

Seven thousand pastors and leaders from all over Argentina and neighboring countries attended the four-day seminar. When a flood of new converts came in, the church quickly ran out of everything, from toilet paper to paper cups, from folding chairs to Sunday School teachers.

The original group of pastors responded.