EC Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Subject Code / Name: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK. B.E./ DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Eighth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC /. EC MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS. L T P C. 3 0 0 3. UNIT I. INTRODUCTION. 9. Introduction to adhoc networks – definition, characteristics features.

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What is cross layer feedback? In Adhoc networks, the routers are power constrained just as the nodes. This protocol invoke a route determination procedure only on demand. Also highlight how efficiency is improved through this model. The routing protocols may also be categorized as follows: Explain ad hoc indoor mobility models in detail. The time out period depends on RTT round trip time.

Mention any four qualities of service metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of the network?

Mobile Adhoc Networks – Syllabus | EC | uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited

What is the choice between proactive routing protocol and reactive routing protocol? The features of wireless LAN are a Power management to save the battery power. Maximum Delay variance Jitter 4. Comment on the use of natural language passwords directly for cryptographic algorithms. Explain the issues in designing a transport layer protocol for adhoc wireless networks.


Hybrid Protocols attempt to take advantage of best reactive and proactive schemes. What do you mean by passive attacks? With this, the amount of space in routing table is reduced. The features that are not supported by the traditional TCP for handling adhoc network are 1.

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The power management is needed for 1. Explain the ec20050 table update mechanism in distributed priority scheduling. What is the need for power management in Adhoc network? What are hybrid protocols? State any four reasons that lead to the quick power drain of nodes in mobile ad hoc network.

Why secure routing protocols are needed? Associativity-based routing ABR protocol selects route based on the stability of the wireless link. Eliminate all but one of the neetworks if more than one sender has the current priority. Secured routing provides a Confidentiality b Integrity c Avalilability d Non-repudiation 8. Military applications and battlefields b.

Contention based protocols with reservation mechanisms 3. The five phases of FPRP are 1. It occurs due to multipath propagation.

Lower to upper layers: List out and explain how some of the internet properties of the wireless Adhoc networks introduce difficulties while implementing security in routing protocols. Click here to sign up. The factors that involves in routing of a MANET are a Modeling of the topology b selection of routers c initiation of a route request Specific underlying characteristics that could serve as heuristics in finding the path efficiently.


What is the need for cross layer design? How are information symmetry and perceived collisions handled? What are the advantages of hierarchical routing protocol? Addhoc driven routing protocols – Periodic exchange of routing information.

Differentiate an ad hoc network and a cellular network with respect to bandwidth usage and cost effectiveness.

Reduced signal interference 2. State the use of embedded protocol boosters in cross layer optimization. What are the classifications of integrated mobile IP network? The issues of designing a MAC protocol for ad-hoc networks are a Bandwidth efficiency: Network layer solution for QoS is used for 1. Scheduling of packet loss and rate of transmission 5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic source routing protocol?

List the types of on-demand routing protocols. What do you mean by contention based protocols with reservation ec2005 List the important goals of designing a MAC protocol for ad hoc adgoc networks.

In what ways these become a problem in mobile ad hoc networks? Collision report phase 3. Transmit the packet of the remaining node.