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Brain waves are classified into our types.

Blood eletronics meters are used to monitor the blood flow in various blood vessels and to measure caridiac output. It consists of water, electrolytes, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Colorimeters and photometers are used to measure he transmitted and absorbed light as it passes through a sample. List the modes of operation of pacemakers.

Give the origin of heart sounds. The skin near the chest or abdomen with its output leads are eoectronics directly to he heart muscle. Discuss about the electrodes for offline analysis.

Here the image is built up by using an electron probe of very small diameter which scans the specimen surface in parallel straight lines as does a television camera.

Systole is defined as the period of contraction of the heart muscles, electroincs the ventricular muscle at which time blood is pumped into pulmonary artery and the aorta. What is flame photometer? List the parts of the brain.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

Less contrast and it can be improved by introducing electromagnetic intensifier. A record of corneal- retinal potentials associated with eye movements is called electrooculogram.


Where mediccal the Menu? Permanent record can be made by inserting video tape-recorder, X- ray images developed by photographic or photosensitive film. Whenever a transducer has high impedance and its output voltage is so low and if want to couple this transducer output to a load having low impedance, we can use line driving amplifier.

Dc2021 nerve cell with its dendrites and fiber is called neuron.

EC Medical Electronics Nov Dec Question Paper – University Question Papers

About 75 percent of cell is water. If the transmitter substance in inhibitory, the membrane bak of the receptor neuron increases in a negative direction. Positive pressure ventilators are used to inflate the lungs with IPP.

Question paper is give Which of these effects is being minimized by hearing aid. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

EC2021 Medical Electronics Nov Dec 2015 Question Paper

They are also used to determine the oxygen tension or carbon dioxide tension in the merical. The skeleton consists of bones. What are graded potentials? F ourth heart sound: For what purpose pacemaker is used? The different components of biological substances can e determined by measuring how they either absorb or emit visible light. This causes the change in the membrane potential. The diffusion and drift processes give rise to membrane potential. Therefore one can get the live recording at the spot itself.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

List the conditions that causes turbulence in blood flow. In the case of off-line analysis, the input equipment system is used to prepare data for further analysis using computers which may be located at the same location of the input or remote. EEG helps physicians to diagnose the level of consciousness, sleep disorders brain death, brain tumors, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.


Why glass electrode is very much preferred as active electrode in a pH meter? How the EEG can be recorded? In what way cardiac output is used? Cardiac output is the amount of blood delivered by the heart to the arota per minute. The transport of the substances through the cell membrane occurs by diffusion is called passive transport.

The organ of the body is composed of various tissues. The entire body contains above trillion cells.

For what purpose colorimeters and photometers are used? Give the uses of silver-silver chloride electrode. Artificial respiration should be applied to the patient, whenever respiration is bnak due to reasons like gas poisoning, electric shock etc. For what purpose PO2 electrode is used?

Explain the working of single channel ECG telemetry system.

With a neat diagram, discuss about the equipment used to correct this. What is passive transport?