EastWest Symphonic Choir + Wordbuilder (Sequencer) General Discussion (no support posts). Well now you can, courtesy of Symphonic Choirs, the latest virtual-instrument sample library from East West and Quantum Leap. While the sample world seems. Check out the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Wordbuilder Tutorials (video) page at Sweetwater — the world’s leading music.

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This eliminates the need for artificial reverb. Imagine typing words into your computer, in any language, and hearing a world class Symphonic Choir sing those words in any key s you play “live” on your keyboard controller!

By selecting different mic positions, users can mix these sounds together to create any kind of natural ambience their project requires.

EastWest Sounds

Find all posts by trumpoz. Even though this much quality is not available for pocket money, you cannot avoid getting this product if you need perfect choir material.

Last edited easst admin; at PLAY isn’t just a sampler. In addition, the Platinum edition Gold edition has one mic position and is bit is the first bit Choir virtual instrument to include three simultaneous stereo mic setups close, stage and hallso users can mix any combination of mic positions to control ambiance.

Men’s and Women’s FFF vowels ah, ih, uh, oh, oo, eh, ee are included as well as the “Angels” and “Demons” patches from the original Voices of the Apocalypse. Men’s and Women’s FFF vowels ah, ih, uh, oh, oo, eh, ee are included as well as the “Angels” and “Demons” patches from the original Voices of the Apocalypse.


But I’m really asking, how some guys did their tracks with a length of a few minutes We may message you first! Then I clicked on Player and opened the PlayEngine-built-in-wordbuilder. Maybe someday EW westt make eaet software or plugin to solve this problem.

EastWest Symphonic Choir + Wordbuilder (Sequencer) – Soundsonline-Forums

When used in WordBuilder, these sections have four articulations: User Name Remember Me? The gigantic sound quality makes Symphonic Choirs an essential part of every top studio. What once might have been a sound library now is more than that because it includes a playback engine. Find all posts by jspencer.

When I stopped the “Ha le lO yia” before it was completed, the choir sang the next syllable after the last that was wordbuileer, so it’s the same situation as without the Learn-function. The phrases have been optimized for each Choir.

East West Symphonic Choirs – Gold Sopranos, Altos, Tenors & Basses & More

Thxs a lot for your help, Dudo. Symphonic Choirs puts five complete choir sections at your fingertips. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Features WordBuilder lets exst type in words in English for the Choirs to sing.

Well imagine no more, that’s exactly what this revolutionary “award-winning” virtual instrument does.

So I decided to open a few instances of the plugin, put them on different tracks and write one phrase in each instance. Jay Asher Gold Member.


Thxs a lot, best wishes, Dudo. Wordbuilder, now built into EastWest’s Play software, is the word wesr software that enables Symphonic Wordnuilder and Symphonic Choirs Expansion users to type in words for the Choirs to sing. Geez, wish I had known about this trick years ago! When used in WordBuilder, these sections have four articulations: Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Hi admin, your description sounds nice, but unfotunately it dosen’t work for me This eliminates the need for artificial reverb.

The last sentence in my thread means: Eaat phrases menu is customizable so you can add your own phrases to WordBuilder for quick and easy access. You have no obligation to eas the product once you know the price.

This is the weakness of wordbuilder. The major drawback was the ability to synch with a host sequencer. Originally Posted by admin You can already do this start playing from any point in the songas long you use the “Learn” mechanism: Multiple Mic Positions All instruments were sampled with three different mic positions platinum edition onlyallowing you to mix together any combination of mics using the interface for the ultimate in real-time tone and ambiance control.