Hi All! So I’ve recently discovered this beautiful little Duruflé piece. However, I can ‘t seem to track down the score anyway. I did some research. Stream Duruflé: Chant donné by öder from desktop or your mobile device. Some time ago I landed on this site in the midst of a discussion of “the most beautiful organ pieces.” Durufle’s little known “Chant Donne.

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The single piece most responsible for establishing his fame worldwide, it continues to enjoy frequent performances in the West and the East alike.

When the Second Vatican Council finally gave its imprimatur to indigenous, vernacular music, inthe French clergy saw classically trained church musicians as the enemy, because they continued to defend a style of music that had successfully isolated itself from secular culture. Characteristically, these melodies, which retain their original suppleness, are surrounded by complex modal harmonies that are generated by an intricate web of polyphony.

Died June 16, in Paris, France.

I’ve been trying to trace this for a while and I was going to try Blackwells but see no point now. Henriette Roget played the organ. Best regards Nick Posted by Nick Bland on Members of the Jewish platoon concentrated on the north tower, by which access was obtained to the organ tribune. He was also appointed professor of harmony, a position that he held until He would greet his students with a powerful handshake and then sit promptly at the piano, chantt his class seated in a circle around him to study the work set before him.

A whole generation of today’s organists who had been his students benefited from this evolution. Most of his acquaintances saw a pessimistic streak in him.

Duruflé: Chant donné by öder | Johannes Schröder | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It is an emanation of it, a delegation. The government offered 10, francs for a symphonic poem, 20, francs for a symphony, and 30, francs for an opera or similar work. There were countless ordinary church choirs in Paris, to be sure, which were lackluster by comparison. Introspection Late Night Partying. I wasn’t aware that it was unpublished as I was just about to go to my usual music supplier to order a copy.


What he opposed was the way he felt the French clergy disposed of the past, demeaned their congregations, and introduced trivial musical fare into the liturgy. It was exactly this aforementioned ecclesiastical music that so many of the French clergy came to believe was out of step with their congregations beginning in the late s.

Bach introduced in his Cantatas and his Passions, we will have music of quality that is easy for people to sing because their melodic line is simple and clearly designed. The new Vichy regime, formally established in July after France’s defeat by Germany, continued the program of commissions established by the now displaced Third Republic.

If anyone who has access to it reads this, please do send me a copy – I would be most grateful. But Blackwell’s in Oxford looked through their records for me and had no record of sheet music for the Chant Donne.

Louviers, Rouen, and Paris. Sorry to jump on the band-wagon.

Maurice Duruflé

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The first is that several choral societies in Paris, and one particularly renowned church choir, played a seminal role in the revival of early music in the first decades of the twentieth century, a role that has been sorely underestimated for how it advanced modern music.

This is the second point that needs to be made about choral music in this biography. They accepted the work and the first performance of the Requiem was broadcast to a national not merely a Parisian audience over French radio, on November 2,on the observance of All Souls Day, the day on which the Roman Catholic Church prays for the dead in purgatory. And for that we must acknowledge the influence of this choir and others like it. His father was an architect, and one of his brothers studied architecture and worked in the building trade.


He had a rone eye for architecture, and was captive to its allure. I have been trying to find it for quite a while. Because the Vichy government took music seriously for its propaganda value, it generally restricted its awards to composers who upheld the conservative, antimodernist, and pro-Catholic sentiments of the regime.

I was not his student; I was a student of Paul Dukas who was his successor. Born January 11, in Louviers, Eure, France. The love-hate relationship between church and state in France is quite unlike that of any other country. The young organist was deeply impressed but intimidated by his new teacher [Tournemire].

He was an exacting perfectionist whose high standards exceeded his perceived grasp. At the age of 10, he entered the choir school at the Rouen cathedral, where he studied piano, organ and theory with Jules Haelling. This is precisely why music, in order to be liturgically suitable, must be construed by the composer and mastered by the performer in such a way that it can be “seen through,” giving it a sacramental verity. I appreciate this is a little forward as well but I also would like to obtain a copy and would be most grateful if you could forward me one.

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