And to the DSI crew: Bob Coover, Carson Day, Chris Hector, Tony Karavidas, . In particular, check out the Global Settings section of the manual. Read. Weight, 1 lbs. Dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 in. Related Products. Poly Evolver Keyboard PE Knob Kit. $ Add to cart. Poly Evolver Keyboard Knob Kit. $ DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds The new features are covered in the Tempest Manual Addendum, which is.

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The problem was that sometimes ADSR sounds in Beats would terminate before their full duration expired, or a performed ADSR sound would terminate before you released the pad. Few instruments made are used live without going through some sort of effects after the main outs, why is it so very important that the Tempest not be able to be routed through some of these to get the ssi sound you want.

Thats why there is so much, literally ,Lame music out there even though there are more possibilities than ever. After that, thats where the well documented problems came in. That said, I do wish they had put more internal storage in the thing.

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I have this an the analog rythm. He still has customers and he made promises to them. You probably should treat your room right,get a good pair of monitors or even visit a doctor,those ear wax plugs can really ruin your hearing,stop chasing commercial companies with cheesy boxes that sound like shit.

DSI is not tempsst big company, dzi Dave how many people work there. At this price i expect a relativelely close to flawless product. Congratulations, DSI and Tempest owners! That buglist reads like a mid term development report ffs. Enjoyed making music with the Tempest since it came out. That is a loooong list of bugs. Both problems are fixed. The flash tempesst file system has two annoying problems: I am sure you can tell dsu difference from 16 to 32 bit just by listening for a few seconds.


Read through the list, and many of the issues are still not fixed. This is not yet fixed. Simply put, they dropped the ball on this thing.

Now the Destination Folder in Save screens always defaults to the last folder of that type sound, beat or project that was last saved to or loaded from. Note sustain without a duration limit… Description: Well i believe the good people here got you covered with their answers. Unfortunately we feel that legato glide modes on a drum machine are less important than many other priorities, and are sorry to tell you that these features will not be implemented in order for us to prioritize issues of more importance to Tempest users.

I know next to nothing about Elektron accept it is a Swedish Company, but it seems top me that their releases were either plain simplistic in function or they had bugs also. How can you make this today when technology is so advanced? I get you can make great tunes with all types of gear. The release is now available as a beta release via the DSI forum. You would bet your life for example that you can distinguish an analog sound from a sampled one? I find it amazing. You dont have the 2k for one anywaaays.

Just another tool in the arsenal. When this happens the available sound folder also changes, not just the pad name: We feel that it makes sense for there to be more Sound Types than Sound Folders.

Sound files always default to Kicks folder, Beat files always default to Factory folder and Project files always default to the Factory folder. Doing those things does not make you better, just abnormal.

16 levels – Dave Smith Instruments TEMPEST User Manual

Go to your local music store or a nearby studio with REAL gear or some modular synths and drums,find some adults to demo them for you,compare with tempest! Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this and believe it may have been fixed by fixing bug It would be a shame if not, as the build quality and performance interface are really superb.


To make matters worse, DSI is stating that many of the missing features that are in the manual and advertised are not necessary and should just be forgotten. DSI is not doing us any favors by fixing the bugs.

Just one of the examples, example the Tempest. Manuak had, have and will have great use for it. How you will feel if you buy an expensive car and then spend more time fixing it than driving it.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There is an advanced bug that causes the pad names to randomly change when auditioning sounds; it happens most predictably when you have auditioned a sound from one pad and then try to audition a sound from another pad.

The update addresses a variety of bugs and user requests. This title is not quite accurate.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests – Synthtopia

Tempest not remembering the folder-of-origin when saving… Description: Well, yer pays yer money teempest you make yer informed choice. Lastly, I would think that it takes a long time to come out with OS updates due to having to recreate the problem, then fix it, then test it, all while designing and manufacturing new and other existing instruments in order to keep the company alive so that there is a DSI to fix the bugs.

Are just bad business? Also, the following bugs are fixed that were not on the petition: So full of bugs, yet so expensive…. However, with only 6 voices, there will still be cases where a sound will be terminated. Keep comments on topic and constructive.