I need to create tables with merged cells. Is this something that can easily be done with docx4j? If so does anyone have a nice example of the. You need to create the header and/or footer part, and then add it to the package ( and in doing so, create a relationship in the Main Document. Also, I am not finding any API [methods] or samples to create TOC in the I’d like to update that TOC with content that I’ve added via docx4j.

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I would advise you to go to the http: Welkom nieuwe iprofs collega’s! Lets look at one of them. Have you taken a look on the docx4j forums? I have downloaded the docx4j The code gen tool is available 2 cfeate As I said, I can only refer you to the forums to ask if someone knows about that problem.

Then we create cretae table, the row and two cells in that row. Docx4j, according to their site is a:. I did write a couple of helpers myself though that make it really easy to find the specific placeholders and replace them with the real content. If you want your paragraphs to cgeate added at a specific place in your document which is something you usually want you can wrap them in a 1×1 borderless table.


Create complex Word (.docx) documents programatically with docx4j – SmartJava

So for this project, after some searching around, I decided to use docx4j. This is a utility class that will help us to create certain objects that we need for this sample, such as tables, table rows and table cells. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

A quick online search revealed that indeed there was: That’ll tell you which wrappers are needed and how Word marshalls the XML. Creat border is then applied to all four sides of a table and also to the inside horizontal and vertical borders.

We’ll do this by taking the following steps: First though lets look at how we’ll provide the replacement data. If so that table is returned. Then we also create an object factory. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I am trying to add a TcPr cell property to a template table.

In this article we’ll show you how you can fill this so get this: MarshalException – with linked exception: We’ll do this by taking the following steps:.

I have attached the source code [AddTOC. Then we add the row to the table. Load in a template word document to add content to and save as new document Add paragraphs to this template document Add tables to this crfate document The general approach here is to first create a Word document that contains the layout and main styles of your final document.


Hi, How to merge the cells horizontally. In the code we’ll look for that row, copy it, and replace the content with new rows from java code like this: Sign up using Facebook.

Setting the column width for a table import java.

Create complex Word (.docx) documents programatically with docx4j

For this just open Word, create a new document and save it as template. Can you please help? Just as we did for simple text and paragraphs, we’ll replace placeholders. Before we go to the xocx4j examples, here are a few tips.

For this example I just supply a set of hashmaps that contain the name of the placeholder to replace and the value to replace it with.

Java Ecosystem Infographic by JetBrains. This table is than seen as the parent of the paragraph and new paragraphs can be added there.

I think the answer can be found here: Nothing to complex, but really helpful. Post as a guest Name.