Forex Retail Trading Explained. ‘Bird Watching in Lion Country’ by Dirk du Toit. Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained has 11 ratings and 0 reviews: pages, Watching in Lion by. Dirk du Toit. Other editions. Dirk du Toit is the author of Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Save your money get Currency Trading for Dummies I agree – technical analysis for dummies was also really good in my opinion – not just for dummies, for clever people too I think. If things progress to pips in the red then he will seriously start to look at the possibility that the dollar strength will continue.

Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dr Dirk Du Toit

Except maybe for Part 4, so you skip over Parts 1 – 3 directly to Part 4 to vird the secret formula. They tell you you can perfectly time your entries and duu tradesdoesn’t matter what the timeframe.

In this case, all open trades need to examined im closed out if they no longer make sense given the new grid placement.

For instance where you place stops to take losses. They want you to believe with their charts and their technical analysis tools you can perfectly time the market – irrespective of the timeframe of your choice!

Not everyone involved in the forex business is a crook or charlatan, of course. Read it and you’ll begin to understand. Learn more about West Hills Movers moveprola at http: Part 2 is about the psychological attitude toward the market, the statistical approach and the edge. Part 1 is very general, but specific and enticing enough to compel the reader to fork out the money to buy diirk balance of the book.


You certainly don’t need a lot of money, but you can make a lot of money very soon based on the wonders of “leverage”. More about relational analysis in the SloGroPro Course Relational analysis Marketing wizards like to say you don’t have to concern yourself with fundamental drivers behind prices. If you countyr by strategy to -: But you must be very wary and suspicious of much of what you read on web sites or receive as email.

Yet again I aligned myself with the potential clients. This generally means that trades entered in Q4 are under scrutiny in Q2, and Q3 trades in Q1. Does it reveal a trading strategy?

Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained by Dirk du Toit

After a while I gave up on the “objective, fair and substantiated” bit and decided to just write down some random thoughts and hopefully they are of some assistance.

Surely timing of entry has to be pin-point or pip-point Included is his popular 4×1 strategy to make money forex trading. To illustrate this from a reverse perspective, how many times has a trade been closed and therefore a REAL loss realisedonly to find price reverse shortly thereafter to find that the loss could have been reduced or watcihng into a profit?

No problem, use So-and-So broker, they have great customer service and is “regulated”! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If you forget about “instant gratification”.

Asr Asr marked it as to-read May 23, Dirk writes “From my outside-the-box approach I certainly do not differ from the principle that your first loss is your best loss. It definitely applies to forex trading. It’s one of the best books on Forex I’ve ever read. There is just one wxtching. But you can’t turn pro if you can’t get past the first few weeks or months or years The daily small profitable trades that you grind out then become the trades that allow your trade balance to slowly rise over time.

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Relational analysis doesn’t stand loose from other elements of the SloGroPro approach, the application of the 4×1 strategy, the use of median grids, even our whole mental conditioning. Personalization involves my personal time.

When you sign up you also get part 1 of BWILC, so this is a good way to get the first foit of the book to see if it resonates with you before you spend any money on buying it. I would recommend it to anyone. Can I later upgrade to the personal mentoring “Class” and what will the cost be?

Dirk du Toit (Author of Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained)

David Villegas marked it as to-read Mar 05, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In the trading environment, where uncertainty dominates, the value of “real-time” communication is priceless.

In order to introduce this critical aspect of the SloGroPro approach in your BWILC SloGroPro Forex Trading Course you get in addition to the relational analysis theory in the course, a three month subcription to my Weekly Relational Analysis briefings and share in the “real-time” teaching I provide to my personal mentoring clients and other subscribers. The subcription period as part of the SloGroPro Forex toih Course is three months, but you can also choose a one year option from the start.