This Debian GNU/Linux reference covers many aspects of system administration through Maintainer: Osamu Aoki (青木 修). Packages overview for Osamu Aoki. Osamu Aoki > — Bugs: open debian-reference · 9 · Graph · -, , , , -, · 1 bug · Git!2. debian-reference (Version 2 series). Fri, 09 Mar + Osamu Aoki,. This Debian Reference (v2) is intended to provide a broad overview of the .

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Debian Reference by Osamu Aoki – PDF Drive

Automatic download and upgrade of packages 2. Expansion of usable storage space by mounting another partition 9.

Access to Subversion via Apache2 server Purging removed packages for good 2. An example for Japanese 8. Automatically encrypting files with eCryptfs 9. The ifupdown-extra package 5. The internal editor in MC 1.


GUI network configuration tools 5. The legacy network connection and configuration 5.

Osamu Aoki’s Wiki contents for users

Extra security measures for the Internet 4. The mapping stanza 5. Web site source code is available.

Archive meta data 2. Checking file to be UTF-8 with iconv The network connection method legacy 5.

Debian — Debian Users’ Manuals

Latest files from CVS Converting a text file with iconv System and hardware time 9. Osau of the installation guide for previous releases and possibly the next release of Debian are linked from the release page for those releases. About this document 3. X office applications 7. List of basic X utility applications 7. Undeleting deleted but still open files 9. List of special device files 1. Debian Installer team Maintainer: Debian package management 2.

Sharing data via network Effects of the locale 9.

Debian Reference

Merging updates for source files Shell script debiam Mail delivery agent MDA with filter 6. Hardware drivers and firmware 9. Configuration of Git client Top level “Release” file and authenticity 2.


Table of Contents Preface 1. List of SAK command keys 9. Using GnuPG on files This document describes how to use APT in a non-networked environment, specifically a ‘sneaker-net’ approach for performing upgrades. The referencs parts of locale value 1. List of insecure and secure services and ports 4. Making the empty disk image file 9. List of nice values for the scheduling priority 9.