(a) Principle of the reactions underlying DDRT-PCR analysis. (N) Any of the four nucleotides G, A, T, or C. V can be any nucleotide besides T. (B) Any nucleotide. Recently, a new approach has successfully been developed: Differential-Display Reverse Transcription-PCR (DDRT-PCR). This technique has been proven to. Establishment of infection and disease implies modifications in the genetic programmes of the cell systems that are involved and the differential expression of.

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Read Article at publisher’s site. Gene Ontology GO Terms. Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of Sterculiaceae species and isolation of antibacterial compounds. Multiple sequence alignment, molecular phylogeny and phylogenetic tree were performed using MEGA 5 software Fig.

Verma and Verma reported the isolation and purification of antimicrobial peptide from celomic fluid of Indian ddrf Pheretima posthumous.

Moustafa1, 2 Tarek H. Although chloramphenicol showed higher activity than our endophytic isolate; the antagonistic activity of this isolate is more preferred than this antibiotic. The mixture was filtered using filter papers to remove the agar medium pieces and the ethanolic filtrate was undergoing to GC—MS analysis dfrt described previously Ezhilan and Neelamegam ; Moustafa et al. Isolation, gene cloning and expression profile of a pathogen recognition protein: This factor has a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and edrt against Staphylococcus aureus MRSA.

The sterilized cubic stem parts were then divided into two pieces using a sterilized razor blade. Khan Z, Doty SL. The protein is well known as antimicrobial agent and was reported to be produced by plants, animals and insects.


Differential display

Biocontrol of plant disease: The grown separate pure colonies ddtr bacterial isolate were tested for their antagonistic activity ddtt Klebsiella pneumoniaeEscherichia coli and methicillin resistant S. Serine proteases from nematode and protozoan parasites: Serine protease is also known to be produced by bacteria for purposes lcr er than bacterial—bacterial antagonistic effect, which has been confirmed by this study.

Acknowledgments We would like to thank King Khalid University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department for supporting this work with all the required chemicals and equipments. In this study, Bacillus endophyticus strain SA isolated from the inner tissue of the stem of the cultivated plant Salvadora persica, Asir, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces an antagonistic factor.

GC—MS chromatogram analysis of the ethanol extract of inhibition zone parts s howed eight peaks that led to the identification of a number of compounds Fig.

Multi-target and medium independent fungal antagonism by hydrolytic enzymes in Paenibacillus polymyxa and Bacillus pumilus strains from barley rhizosphere.

In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Serine protease is an enzyme that produced by many organisms including bacteria.

Extraction of the bioactive metabolites produced by SA isolate The extraction of the active metabolites produced by the endophytic isolate SA was done as follows: This study focuses on the isolation of endophytic bacteria which are able to cease and inhibit the growth and spreading of methicillin resistant S.

Find all citations in this journal default. Both of the pathogenic strain S. They identified the isolated peptide as serine protease that possesses a broad range of antimicrobial activity. Antagonistic effect of SA isolate against S. Open in a separate window. We would like to thank King Khalid University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department for supporting this work with all the required chemicals and equipments.


Wipat A, Harwood CR. Antagonistic effect of endophytic isolate SA against S. A typical GC—MS chromatogram of the ethanol extracts inhibition zone slices.

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The up or down regulated genes were excised from the gel and submitted for purification using a gel purification kit Qiagene, Germany and the purified PCR products were submitted for sequencing Macrogen Inc. Chemical formula 1 Decane Sdrt bioactivity of an endophytic bacterium isolated from Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.

Using of ethanol and sodium hypochlorite at certain dilutions is recommended for complete removal of the plant surface bacteria Jan et al. Received Dec 1; Accepted May CitePeer Related Articles http: Introduction Endophytes have been defined as microorganisms bacteria or fungi which for all or part of their life cycle reside within the inner parts of plant tissues, but cause no symptoms of disease Vega et al.

On the other hand, only chloramphenicol recorded 2.

Differential display – Wikipedia

Differential display using Ea1 and Ea2 primers combined with OP1 reverse transcription primer. After the incubation period, the S. The antibacterial activity of the chosen bacterial isolate, named SA, was examined against S.

Support Center Support Center. The obtained sequence was compared with the sequences deposited in GenBank data base http: