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Cutting Charges Schneidladungen; charge creuse pour decoupage Cutting charges serve to cut through iron plates, cables, bridge trusses etc.

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Explosive Materials and their Application Explosives Table The physical meaning of the imaginary part of the Hugoniot curve is that there is no continuous transition between detonation and deflagration. Guanidine Picrate Guanidinpikrat; picrate de guanidine OH empirical formula: The pure substance is extremely sensitive to shock and friction. It is more stable than glycerol trinitrate.

Free-flowing Explosives Rieselfahige Sprengstoffe; explosifs pulverulents Non-cartridged commercial explosives which can be poured into bore- holes, mostly ammonium nitrate explosives containing anticaking agents.

There is a positive oxygen balance. The application of the pressure shock of an explosive to form very large workpieces is primarily intended, to achieve the shaping of a workpiece without using presses, which are very expensive. The values for the most important com- ponents of explosives and propellants are given in Table 31, p. Parts of them have been incorporated in the text. Sprengmister Pistil Load kp N A. It is employed in safety fuses, in pyrotechnics and in priming charges for smokeless powders.


All of these methods employ model equations which do not quite satisfactorily yield the condition of the highly dense and heated deto- nation products. It consists of a heavy steel case sealed by a screw cap.

Handbuch der physikalischen und technischen Mechanik, Leipzig Schmidt, A:. CH 6 N 3 0 4 CI molecular weight: It decreases with decreasing density of packing in the column.

Deflector plate 1 1.

The air in front of the piston must be compressed somewhat and warms up a little; the compression range is determined by the velocity of sound in the air. Department of Transportation may consult to classify explosive mate- rial for the purposes of interstate transportation. The explosion heat of diglycol in powder form can be kept lower than the heats of the corresponding nitroglycerine powders; they represented the first step towards the so-called cold powders.

Under such conditions of extreme pressure and temperature, the calculation of thermodynamic data is possible only using a suitable equation of state, whereby pressure R temperature T, the density of gasp and the specific number of moles n s are associated.

The cap sensitivity can be influenced by the density of the charge. A type of delay fuze in which the fuze action is delayed for a relatively long period of time, depending upon the type, from minutes to days. In the case of very insensitive materials – ammonium nitrate, for example – the critical diameter may be very large.

It is prepared by nitration of dimethyloxamide with a sulfuric acidnitric acid mixture. Handling abandoned ammunition is one of the most dangerous tasks in explosive handling and must be left to top experts in this field familiarity with the regulations concerning ex- plosive substances is NOT enough ; this includes the very first attempt to move the ammunition while still in situ. Composition Loading Test Result: The cases are made by filtration from a pulp, pressing, molding and drying.


P Biel, for the most pleasant co-operation in the production and printing of this book. Higher density and better water resistance are obtained using gelat- inous ammonium nitrate explosives. If the gases flow continously out, as in the case of a rocket motor, the pressure remains almost constant throughout the combustion period. Procedure The sample is placed on a roughened 25x25x5 mm porcelain plate, which is rigidly attached to the sliding carriage of the friction appara- tus.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

Cast TNT charges must be fine-crystalline, mechanically firm and dense, with numerous crystallization nuclei; i. Chlorate Explosives Chloratsprengstoffe ; explosifs chlorates Explosive mixtures of alkali metal chlorates with carbon-rich organic compounds such as wood lehebuch, petroleum, oils, fats and nitro deriva- tives of benzene and toluene; they may also contain nitrate esters.

A methane-air mixture containing 8.