call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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The namespace parameter specifies the namespace the subscription uses. Added support for specifying the IP address a subscription should use instead of having the Oracle Client library determine the IP address on its own.

Corrected use of subscription port number issue The encoding parameter is expected to dofumentation a string if specified and sets documentatipn encoding to use for regular database strings. Delivery Modes Advanced Queuing: An output type handler should be used instead. This read-write attribute specifies a method called for each value that is bound to a statement executed on any cursor associated with this connection.

The name parameter is used to identify the subscription and is specific to documemtation selected namespace. Dropped support for Oracle clients earlier than A key lookup is straightforward:. This will return a list of integers corresponding to the number of rows affected by the DML statement for each element of the array passed to executemany. Fixed support for bit environments in Python 2.


They are possible values for the namespace parameter of the Connection. This constant is used to specify that when events are grouped a summary of the events should documdntation sent instead of the individual events.

Advanced Queuing — cx_Oracle documentation

The five values are the major version, minor version, update number, patch number and port update number. This read-only attribute specifies the number of rows that have currently been fetched from docukentation cursor for select statements or that have been affected by the operation for insert, update and delete statements.

In Oracle this is RAW columns. Add support for setting input sizes by position.

The sequence of parameters must contain one entry for each parameter that the procedure expects. Defer type assignment when performing executemany until the last possible moment if the value being bound in is null as suggested by Dragos Dociu.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

If this attribute is None, the default behavior will take place for all values bound to statements. Eliminate reference leak with LOBs acquired from attributes of objects or elements of collections. Thanks to Alex Wood for supplying the patch. Added support for creatingmodifying and binding user defined types and collections. When true, the arraydmlrowcounts parameter enables DML row counts to be retrieved from Oracle after the method has completed.

This parameter defaults to False and indicates whether support for two phase distributed or global transactions ought to be present. Fixed compilation with Oracle 10g Release 1.


The appcontext parameter is expected to be a list of 3-tuples, if specified, and sets the application context for the connection. Thanks also to the many people who also provided patches. It is only relevant if both the doccumentation and the server are at least Oracle Database Constructor for creating a cursor. Note that this attribute can drastically affect the performance of a query since it directly affects the number of network round trips that need to be performed. It is the default value and the only value currently supported.

This object is the options parameter for documentatio Connection. In this case an ORA is returned and the connection will no longer be usable. This constant is used to specify that the rowids of the inserted, updated or deleted rows should be included in the message objects that vocumentation sent.

cx_Oracle Release Notes — cx_Oracle documentation

Fixed problem with catching documengation exception during execute and then still attempting to perform a fetch afterwards as noted by Leith Parkin. This read-write attribute specifies the external name that is used by the connection when logging distributed transactions. Modified test suite so that bit platforms are tested properly.

Some basic examples are: