Gennifer Albin’s Crewel World romantic fantasy series envisions a future where women are recruited–and expected to give up their freedom–to use their magical . : Crewel: A Novel (Crewel World) (): Gennifer Albin: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The halls of Coventry are dark and twisted places readers will want Crewel: A Novel (Crewel World Book 1) – Kindle edition by Gennifer Albin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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Women are easy to control.

In the midst of this controlling, semi-patriarchal society is a albij known as the Spinsters, who possess the strange ability to weave time, and that will allow the Guild the ultimate form of control over its people.

Even though woman were considered second-rate in this world needing a husband, only having secretarial type jobs, no real positions of power, can’t travel without a man, etc. It completely stands out with its complex concept, feisty heroine and a plot that kept me guessing over and over.

But then I thought about it. Nothing to write home about.

Crewel: Chapters 1-5

Following a short incarceration, during which she grieves over the traumatic circumstances of gennlfer removal, Adelice bounces back rapidly. Preview — Crewel by Gennifer Albin. I think we were supposed to realize that the reason Adelice caused so much trouble was because her parents were killed, but this was hardly mentioned.

However, despite the unfortunate and predictable love triangle, I found Crewel to be a thoroughly interesting and brilliant debut, with an ending that is sure to provide an even better sequel. Almost right from go there is a kind of inconsistency in the position and the behavior expected from women that ctewel it obvious to me that the author wanted the reader to notice something is off in the gender department, something that might have been different or even better at some point in the times proceeding the plot.


I received a free ecopy of this title from the publisher through Netgalley for a fair and honest review. There were a few words I didn’t understand, but maybe, it’s just that I’m not good at cfewel words, haha.

Unfortunately, I ended up going from this: Martha Vega rated it it was amazing Jan 14, It made my brain sleepy — more than it normally is.

Crewel (Crewel World, #1) by Gennifer Albin

Our favorite toys for everyone on your list. You would never be able to compare it to other books beca Cannot recommend this book highly enough.

I could go into more detail about her talent and the world, but this is the kind of thing yo See more of my reviews at We Live and Breathe Books How do I even begin to talk about the gloriousness that is Crewel?

One hour to pretend everything’s okay. We are introduced to whole batches of women, who are immediately dismissed by the character and text as meaningless and valueless. And thank you for your interest.

Whispering works a treat in the compound; oh yeah there’s surveillance but apparently it doesn’t pick up whispering or lowered voices. Adelice generally has very strange reactions to the men wlbin her, including genifer love interest who tells her of his horrendous past and what happened to his family, and her reaction is jealousy that he has already had sex with someone. Crewel by Gennifer Albin 5 26 Jan 08, I do love the colours on the front cover of the book, but yeah, the cover doesn’t really hold my attention.

Chapters by Gennifer Albin Goodreads Author. I could actually envision Arras in my mind quite clearly. I don’t even know how I’m suppose to imagine albinn all. It can be geennifer to grasp, especially if you don’t pay attention – this is the kind of book you have to really be alert for – and it pays off. They also seem surprisingly lacking in motivation. The weaving is done on an actual crewsl with threads from which you can see what you’re threading Other books in the series.


Jodi rated it it was amazing Dec 29, My favourite character was Maela even if she was a bit bad. The characters, I felt, were all well-developed. I feel like I’ve accomplished something big! I am writing YA again! Gennifer Albin is an amazing writer and Crewel is a woven masterpiece!

View all 13 comments. In ‘Crewel’ there are rooms and rooms full of looms, large and small, wooden and metallic, and each of it supposedly holds something big and complex like a whole city.

Turned out to be yet another typical dystopian book where the main protagonist has to go to some place in this dystopian world that’s corrupted and she has a big secret she must hide from everyone. I could write my own synopsis for Crewellike I normally would at this point in the review, but, 1 I’m afraid of giving away too much, and would like anyone interested in reading Crewel to go into it knowing as little as possible; and 2 I honestly have no freaking clue how I could possibly write a synopsis for this book.