Model © Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL U.S.A. If this CRAFTSMAN Multimeter fails to give complete satisfaction within one year. Owner’s Manual AutoRanging Digital MultiMeter Model No. CAUTION: Read, understand and follow Safety Rules and Operating Instructions in this. Craftsman Digital Mini Multimeter – Voltage Testers – Amazon. com.

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Craftsman Owner`s manual |

Dispose of the old batteries properly. COM negative input jack 5. As a result, the reading may show 0 volts when the outlet actually has voltage on it. To avoid 8234 shock, disconnect the test cragtsman from any source of voltage before removing the back cover or the battery or fuse doors.

NEVER apply voltage or current to the meter that exceeds the specified maximum: Category II includes local level, appliance, portable equipment, etc. Always read all the instructions in this manual before use.

Craftsman 82344 Manuals

This symbol adjacent to one or more terminals identifies them as being associated with ranges that may, in normal use, be subjected to particularly hazardous voltages. Set the function switch to the position.


Change to a higher range. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Apply power to the circuit. Mini multimeter with non-contact voltage detector ncv 30 pages. Read the current in the display.

NEVER connect the meter leads across a voltage source while the function switch is in the current, resistance, or diode mode. For current measurements up to 10A AC, set the function switch to the A position and insert the red test lead banana plug into the 10A jack.

Touch the red test probe tip to the positive side of the circuit. Press the button until the symbol appears in the display. Be sure that the thermocouple has been removed before changing to any other measurement function. Doing so can 823444 the meter.

The diode or junction can be evaluated as follows: It is best to disconnect one side of the part under test so the rest of the circuit will not interfere with the resistance reading. Be sure to observe the correct polarity red lead to positive, black lead to negative. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Craftsman Manuals

If both readings are very small or 0, the device craftskan shorted. The display will now indicate the difference between the stored value and the measured value. ALWAYS discharge filter capacitors in power supplies and disconnect the power when making resistance or diode tests. If the resistance is less than approximately 30! Check to be sure the batteries are good.


The probe tips may not be long enough to contact the live parts inside some V outlets for appliances because the contacts are recessed deep in the outlets. Tilt stand and battery access is on the rear of unit. Put the fuse door back in place.

Craftsman 82344 Autoranging Multimeter – Good

Make sure the probe tips are touching the metal contacts inside the outlet before assuming that no voltage is present. Insert the black test lead banana plug into the negative COM jack and the red test lead banana plug into the positive! Disconnect the test leads from the meter. If one reading shows a value and the other reading shows OL, the diode is good.