Ecole Centrale Paris, January-February Alexis Giauque Turbomachines are machines that transfer energy between a rotor and a fluid. If the energy is. VKI, ONERA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LMFA), Université de Sherbrooke, etc. N. Gourdain .. DNS captures everything, but inapplicable for turbomachine flows. 1 Simulation numérique des écoulements dans les turbomachines F au temps t au cours de la k-i`eme réalisation, la moyenne d’ensemble est définie par .

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Subgrid-scale scalar flux modelling based on optimal estimation theory and machine-learning procedures. Cutaway models of turbomachines.

MAE 585 – Principles of Turbomachines

HM Turbomachunes with an action turbine. Experiments with a reaction turbine. HM Kaplan turbine trainer. Gas turbine with power turbine. Experiments with an axial fan. HM Centrifugal pump trainer. Experiments with a radial compressor.

A special attention will be devoted to the knowledge and to the understanding of the theoretical concepts. A dynamic regularized gradient model of the subgrid-scale stress tensor for large-eddy simulation. Experiments with an action turbine. HM Two-stage axial fan.

Pump characteristics for parallel and series configuration. Centrifugal pumps, series and parallel connected. Experiments with a Pelton turbine. In centrifugal pumps the energy is transferred hydrodynamically. Gas turbine jet engine. No document is allowed for the examination.

  ISO 19712 PDF

Ingéniorat en mécanique

HM Comparison of pumps. Duration Number of credits Lecturer Language s Organisation and examination Schedule Pre-co requisite Learning unit contents Learning outcomes of the learning unit Prerequisite knowledge and skills Planned learning activities and teaching methods Mode of delivery face-to-face ; distance-learning Recommended or required readings Assessment methods and criteria Work placement s Organizational remarks Contacts Items online.

The flow passes through the impeller in axial direction. Pelton and Francis turbine. ET Gas turbine jet engine. Simulation of a two-shaft system with power turbine allows easy understanding of the operating properties.

References Would you like to check directly yurbomachines other universities about curs experience with the equipment?

Numerical study of a flapping liquid sheet sheared by a high-speed stream. Movement and switching functions are maintained. Duration 26h Th, 26h Pr, 30h Proj. Simulation of a gas turbine. Service performances In addition to our range of equipment we offer training courses and commissioning of the equipment as well as assistance in laboratory planning. Projects will be assigned to the students. Optimal design of a Thermodynamic Vent System for cryogenic propellant storage.


Operating principle of a Francis turbine. Numerical analysis of the flapping mechanism for a two-phase coaxial jet.

Investigation of the pump characteristic of series and parallel configurations of two centrifugal pumps. Fans are different from compressors because of their low turbomchines ratio of max. Experiments with a centrifugal pump. Experiments with an axial turbine.

Hydraulic circuit with centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pump, standard design. Standard chemicals pump with magnetic clutch. Lifetime Calculations of Turbine Blades.

HM Series and parallel configuration of pumps. Wave energy converter, OWC. ET Simulation of a gas turbine. Hydraulic turbines work turbomqchines incompressible fluids: Learning outcomes of the learning unit The objective is to present the methods used in the turbomachinnes industry to analyze the dynamical behavior of turbomachines and to design mechanical components of turbojet engines such as compressor and turbine blades and disks.

HM C Francis turbine trainer. HM Experiments with an axial fan. ET Energy conversion in a wind power plant.

HM Pump characteristics for parallel and series configuration.