Communio et progressio: full text, concordances and frequency lists. pastoral instruction for social communication “Communio et Progressio” officially dated The first draft of “Communio et Progressio” was proposed by the Jesuit. Our world is fast progressing especially in the field of science and technology. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the guardian and.

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They can establish a measure of universal equality in which all men, whatever their place in society can enjoy the delights of culture and leisure. He subsequently earned a progresssio in sacred theology from the Pontifical University of Louvain and a doctorate in sacred theology from commmunio Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

They make clear to the Church contemporary opinions and attitudes. In the name of Christian solidarity, such a situation puts a grave obligation upon the Catholics of other countries. The news of something that has happened must be given and so too must the background of the event so that people can understand society’s problems and work for their commmunio. This ancient interest in the theatre should be maintained by Christians today and full use be made of its possibilities.

Pastoral Instruction “Communio et Progressio” on the means of Social Communication

These would include organizations that provide information, specialist educational publications, films and broadcasts, particularly when these are made for children. The media of social communication do more than present the traditional forms of artistic expression; they themselves create new ones. They, in their turn, should depend upon the advice of experienced experts in the different branches of communication.

Progressio may refer to: To a certain extent, accuracy can be restored by the continuity of the flow from different sources, which must always be carefully assessed. People take for granted some rhetorical and symbolic exaggeration in advertising; within the limits of recognized and accepted practice, this can be allowable.

Cultural cooperation is not the giving of alms. Sermons and homilies must be adapted to the nature of the medium that is used. The transmission of the Mass and of other sacred commuhio is to be included in religious broadcasting. In order to make the teaching of Christianity more interesting and effective the media should be used as much as possible.


World Catholic Association for Communication [1] is a Roman Catholic lay ecclesial movement for professionals in the communication media, including press, radio, television, cinema, video, media education, internet and new technology. The right to information wt not merely the prerogative of the individual, it is essential to the public interest.

Communio et Progressio

Playwrights should be encouraged and helped to set man’s religious preoccupation on the platform of the public vommunio. How can one avoid allowing communications made indirectly and through machinery to weaken direct human contact – especially when these communications take the form of pictures and images? Advertising like this offends against the dignity and rights of both children and parents; it intrudes upon the parent-child relationship and seeks to manipulate it to its own base ends.

Reviewing back on the previous Encyclical Letters of the Popes, they had foreseen the effects of social communication to mankind, its good purposes and its dangers, if it does not conform to finality. The greatest poets and writers of all times have occupied themselves with this difficult and rough matter, st they will continue to do so in the future In the competition to attract ever larger audiences and deliver them to advertisers, communicators can find themselves tempted – in fact pressured, subtly or not so subtly – to set aside high artistic and moral standards and lapse into superficiality, tawdriness and moral squalor.

In this way it should be possible to explore what projects can be started and what initiatives encouraged whereby the media can be used to further the progresssio of mankind. About About Me About Page. They are to protest whenever events have been reported out of context or in a biased manner.

At the same time, these principles derive from the essential character of social communication and the innate qualities of the medium in question. To conclude, social communication is really a big help and really a gift from the ultimate source of intelligence and wisdom that should be protected from evil means. The excellence which they bring to their professional duty is itself a powerful testimony to Christianity.

In their productions justice and integrity of judgement will impel artists to be concerned both with the needs of minorities as well as of larger and more numerous groups. Civil authorities, as well as religious leaders and educators, should play their part too in order that the rich promise commmunio the media be effectively realized for the good of society.


Advertising is everywhere in today’s world, so that, as Pope Paul VI remarked, “No one now can escape the influence of advertising”. progreasio

The result of this is that the social media becomes relative in a sense that they are the ones who dictates us what is good or bad. The Second Vatican Council explained that man’s freedom is to be respected as far as possible, and curtailed only when and in so far as necessary.

Communio et Progressio | Revolvy

You are commenting using your WordPress. Rapid technological advances, especially those that involve satellite transmissions and the recording and storage of programmes, have done still more to free the media from the restrictions of time and space and these promise still more effectiveness and influence.

Finally and most significantly, the contemporary theatre is, without doubt, an experimental workshop for the expression of new, daring and challenging ideas about modern man and prrogressio predicament. The Cinema is part of contemparary prorgessio.

All over the world, men are at work on improving the conditions for human living and the latest scientific wonders and technical achievements play their part in this. The Christian vision of man, of his motives and of his history, sees in this development a response – though usually an unconscious one – to the divine command to “possess and master the world”. We disagree with the assertion that advertising simply mirrors the attitudes and values of the surrounding culture. Broadcasters have access to the minds and hearts of everyone.

It makes no difference if this be a religious occasion, such as, for example, a liturgical ceremony, a sermon or religious instruction. In cases of the first sort, commercial advertisers sometimes include religious themes or use religious images or personages to sell products.