However, we recommend you check your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product. Clean COLORBOND® Technical Guide-Colour chart. For steel. *Not all colours available in all regions. Bushland®. Cottage Green®. Deep Ocean®. Harvest®. Manor Red®. Night Sky®. Wallaby®. Windspray®. Dulux and Colorbond® steel work together to deliver outstanding colour accuracy. All Colorbond® colours can be matched in Dulux Weathershield exterior.

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That means reduced cooling bills in summer. Sign in Email address Please enter your email address. Colorbond has produced Australian themed colours since but just as Australia has changed since the heady days of the 60’s so too have our colour tastes.

This confusion arises because sometimes the colour will remain the same even though the name has been changed but other times colorbonr particular colour will be dropped completely. The old discontinued colours are in the left column.


With the exception of Riversand chwrt is now no equivalent in the Colorbond range. Talk to the friendly experts at Protective Roofing Supplies today. These issues can create major challenges for home owners and designers. Call us today and see how we can offer all the colours of the rainbow at really low prices.


Commercial Colours – BlueScope Steel

This continues a rather bizarre pattern of offering the same colour under different names. With Colorguard custom coloured steel the only thing you have to choose is the colour.

This name problem is further exacerbated when different names are used for the same colour in different product ranges. We can supply steel products in all of the old discontinued Colorbond colours as well as any custom colour you require.

Your account has been created successfully. We can supply steel products in all of the old discontinued Colorbond colours.

The idea was to bring the colour scheme more into line with modern Australian aesthetics but it has in the process created a dilemma for many home and property owners.

Are you an Architect or Interior Designer? This may result in differences between old and new paint schemes becoming more apparent over time.

Password Please enter your password. This Colorbond Colour Chart includes the full range of steel products: Enter the email address associated with your account, and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. And remember even though these colours may no longer be available in Colorbond we can match any discontinued colour you require with Colorguard custom paint matching for all our steel products.

Colorguard products are rigorously tested to ensure and maintain an exceptionally high standard of colour, paint adhesion, scratch resistance and paint thickness.


You can see here how the fence colours have different names to their identical cplorbond in the steel range. Riversand is still available for fencing and is the only one of this group to retain its current name and form in the Colorbond range. Colorguard provides a superior climate barrier with exceptional substrate bonding.

Life can be challenging enough without the added complication of trying to match old discontinued colours. ColorGuard Steel – A Tick For The Environment When you choose custom coloured Colorguard steel you not only get the colours you want in a cllorbond paint finish, you also paint a big tick for the environment.

Water Tank Colorbond Colours

Warranty for the Australian Market. Fortunately, Protective Roofing Supplies can supply steel products in all of the old discontinued Colorbond colours.

Advanced thermotechnology reduces the heat absorbed by Colorguard roofs. But over time Collrbond. If the colour you want is not listed here or is no longer available ColorGuard will be able to match it if you can supply a sample.

Colorguard is a superior Australian-made colour coating for steel and aluminium products. These colours may also be available under other names with different paint suppliers.