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Plastic wear is the deformation and displacement of material without or with only little material loss. Three adjacent strands with fatigue breaks followed by one without indicate uneven load sharing or a pulled-in strand.

Half of the end has a cup shape and half has a cone shape. As long as the rate of diameter reduction due to wear is higher than the fatigue crack propagation rate, ropes will not develop fatigue wire breaks Fig.

O uso do arame liso em cercas rurais

Steel expands when it corrodes. Figures 5, 6 and 7 show examples of plastic wear. With increasing wear, however, the bearing surface of the wire rope will increase. This kind of failure can often be seen if wires are subjected to local bending and compression.

The authors intend to expand and improve the document in later editions. Enlarged view of the crack shown in Fig.


Dados Técnicos – defeitos em cabos de a?o – Dados Técnicos Guindastes

Plastic wear of a rope wire at a crossover point inside the rope. The remaining wires were then no longer able to support the load, leading to tensile overload failures of these remaining wires. Roland Verreet has spent more than thirty years in steel wire rope research and development ci,af has investigated hundreds of rope accidents.

A Langs lay rope with a great amount of uniform mechanical wear. Mechanical wear on multi layer drums can be reduced by choosing a suitable rope design: Before failing by tensile overload, necking.

Finally the wire failed in shear. Cagos is the fi rst edition, compiled for the 10th International North Sea Offshore Crane Conference under enormous time restrictions. Sherlock Holmes will inspect the room with his magnifying glass, collect a limited number of seemingly trivial and unrelated details and then present a surprising, but undisputable answer to all these questions.

Why did he do it?

The authors would like give special thanks to Klaus Turotzi. Bending fatigue breaks on ropes made out of compacted outer strands. Rope bending fatigue is caused by running over sheaves or on and off single layer drums.

USINESS SSURANCE ANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE – Cabos de Ao ? distribuio e venda de cabos de

Another reason is that they need to know what caused the accident in order to prevent similar occurences in the future. A plastic coating between the steel core and the outer strands will protect internal rope elements. Obviously the crack propagated concentric to its point of initiation. This locally damaged wire fi nally failed in tensile overload.


Figure 4 shows a typical shear break. The rope might have been weakened by al great number of fatigue breaks over time. Corroded wire surfaces will form fatigue cracks much faster than protected surfaces.

Severe plastic deformation caused by the rope hitting a steel structure.

Therefore sometimes an increase in rope diameter over time might be an indication that the rope is corroding internally. Once the rate of diameter reduction slows down, fatigue breaks will appear Fig. A fatigue crack normally starts at the points of contact between the outer wires and the sheave or drum surface or at crossover points between individual rope wires.

O uso do arame liso em cercas rurais

Please note that there is a small reduction in diameter at the edge of the fracture surface, associated with a ductile tensile cup and cone failure see e. The amount of corrosion can be reduced by reducing the exposed surface. If high local stresses help propagate these cracks, we call this mecha – nism stress corrosion. Wire rope endurance can also be increased by increasing the sheave or drum diameter or by reducing the line pull.