volume. The principles he teaches in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have made a real difference in my lif Revolution Bhagat unearths the darker side of the education system, and for that matter, love too. In the small and historic town of Is Chetan Bhagat’s novel Revolution underrated? 2, Views . Is Revolution real story? Views. Love story written by chetan bhagat. 2 likes. Book.

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Revolution chetn the story of three childhood friends: Gopal, Raghav, and Aarthi. Gopal and Raghav are schoolmates from the childhood and share the same bench in school. Aarthi is also from the same class.

Gopal loves Aarthi from the school days. I am not going to tell you the entire story and be a suspense spoiler. Bhagah comes from a filmy-Indian-middle-class background.

Three of them have their own ambitions in life. Gopal wants to be a rich man, Raghav wants to change the world, Aarthi wants to become an air hostess. But Raghav secures a good rank and joins the top college in Varanasi.

Aarthi falls in love with Raghav. What happens when Gopal returns to Varanasi after his one year stint at cracking the entrance exams is the main part of the story. In the ending, things kind of change though, and you will be left to yourself to wonder who is right and who is wrong. Following the tradition of the latest Bollywood movies, you can find few swearing words which start with letters b and a and f.

I leave it your imagination to figure out those words. I really wonder whether Chetan added those words in the drafts after those movies are released or those words were there from the beginning. Ease of cremation is one solid advantage of being in Varanasi. The death industry drives the city. You will miss the witty observations for which Chetan is known for. Two States has a lot of lol-moments for the reader. But in this book, even though there are bhahat sentences which make you lol, the obvious fun factor is missing when you compare bjagat to his previous books.

I usually hate giving a rating based on five stars. But I am not sure whether you will like it better than any of his previous books. Even if you are a fan of Chetan Bhagat, you will be disappointed if you expect a lot of revolutionary stuff from the book. It is a regular love story with a modern backdrop and written in a typical Chetan Bhagat style.

Bbhagat books after his bestseller debut novel, Five Point Someone, I guess Chetan is unable to re-create the same magic like he did with his first book. If you are too lazy to read books, then wait, I am chftan this book has everything in it to be a Bolloywood movie. I was curious too about this book if not excited. He has utilised the brand well and also demonstrated what innovation and networking can bring to the table.

Thanks for the review, you saved quite a few bucks and valuable time. Actually i am not getting book in my native. Yest only I requested to my friend to send it by courier who is in Pune.


Now I am feeling that its not worthy to read. Really thanks for saving money and time. The character of Raghav seems too idealistic to be real and ofcourse the story has no suprising twist and turns. Not the usual CB stuff but still Rs.

Should have waited for the movie instead of wasting reading this.

With no offence I think Chetan Bhagat should start trying for story-editor in a C-grade bolly movie. His presence in the literary field is in itself a disaster with no less ravage than a Hello or a Sohail Khan starrer but I love this guy.

And the way Raghav wrote about the GAP scam.!!! Hard luck this time too Hoping for a better one CB sir. Chetan Bhagat reminds me of my favourite author RK Narayan whose works have remained enduring. But if he continues to write with Bollywood in mind, he may come up with more mundane fare. Without any literary bhgaat, Bhagat can tell a story set in urban India like only he can and win over readers. Only in this instance, he falls a hhagat notches down. Better luck next time!?

ONE night call center bhagxt I wonder if you have come across my review of the book http: I read this book… I must say it is fun to read it. The best one was 2 states… Nothing exceptional but a nice timepass read….

I have just finished reading it and I must say that I am not impressed. I had pre-ordered the book online and forgot about it, so there 2-020 no anticipation involved when I started reading the book. Story starts in similar fashion with Gopal narrating the story and CB ending it up in a book to be shared with his readers.

Revolution 20-20- Chetan Bhagat

Disappointingly enough, CB misses on the fact that his fans expect a certain 202-0 of quality from his books. Skip it if you can.

This is my original deduction and is published here for the first time. The book is not up to the mark. I will give 3 out of 5 points. It seems CB is inspired from some hindi movie. Overall its Ok Ok type novel…. Bhagat created his own reader with suitable writting and good representation skills. I feel he is very much stuck into similar kind of structure. Neverthless he tried to pick up the corruption in education system by this book. Would like to see him writting in diversified subjects like Spiritual,Motivational instead of only love and corruption.

Very nice review well written,i m opting to go fr d novel ,a typical chetan bhagat fan,;- wanna read to assess dis work of his. After having read the book, I very much agree with your review of the book. But according to me, it is not a bad read. Of course, we cannot expect miracles from the man everytime. The book surely had a predictable flow and a common love triangle but at the same time it keeps you engrossed as you want to know what these characters are upto. As far the the title is concerned, I have no problems with it as I enjoyed this love triangle more than I would have enjoyed a Revolutionary story.

As a fact, no book can tell us how a revolution can be brought.

Revolution by Chetan Bhagat – PDF Drive

It definitely gives an insight into our prevailing education system and the prevalant corruption associated with it. I liked the struggle made by Gopal and any aspiring student in our country can connect with the character as we all 202-0 been part of this insane education sytem with numerous loopholes. Actually the story is greeping one, rather for the, who like the fictious and touching stories,like me. I too admire the gopals love for arti.


I Had a good time with this one. The book lacks the aggressiveness in depicting the tussle between the two friends over a same girl. To justify the title, a few chapters have been added in the end with little significance to the storyline which is just a directionless love triangle with a very acute angle. Raghav, characters, center of the revolution theme, has not been brought out properly and has been pushed to the periphery because the story goes around the mess that Aarti creates.

All the characters chetah weak. I also think there are very less lol movements in Also its bit on a serious note and if some one like more of a light book, I will not recommend this book. After reading five point someone and 2 states, this was definitely a let down. I just read the book to know the end. Talking about the education system, politics, etc was fine but after a while it does tend to get quite boring, unlike his previous works, and you lose interest.

Hope in your next book you stick to your strengths and have more LOL moments, cause thats what your fans generally like! Hope for better books in the future! I would like to disagree with some parts of your review. I agree with your reviews. CB has never been an literary writer. I dont read his books because they are great bhagt of work.

Revolution 2020 Quotes

Revolution lacks everything that i like about him. Lack of an original story, no funny quotient, underdeveloped characters… throw in a depressing and gloomy first half of the book, and you dhetan a less than mediocre book that fails on so many levels… the book has its strengths… no arguments there… but its just not enough to get the book to the level that we expect from him… but that does not mean that i wont be standing in front of the bookstore in my pyjamas early in the morning on the day of the release of his next novel… coz lets face it.


Revolution was practical novel i just loved it……. I like ur all the books nd i read Revolution i want to know is it a real story?????? After The Three mistakes 20-200 this is the story what makes Chetan Bhagat special really he is doing very nice job.

Books – Chetan Bhagat

Gopal is the moral of the story who lite Cigrattee for Cchetan, really good story wating for another one. With this story I am missing my those crazies days of my school realy thax Chetan. Five point someone nd revolution r nice book n yeah i also wnt much part related 2 this revolution other than love story…n summary is also gud.!!!