Chenery and Strout for a sample of fifty. In order to .. rise butd oftpu, Invesent, and countsm_ and A. M. Strout, “Foreign Assistance. Article in American Economic Review 56 · September with Reads . As submitted by Chenery and Strout (), foreign exchange. Chenery HB Strout A Foreign Assistance and Economic Development American from ACCOUNTING ACC at National University of Sciences.

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After his father died in Januaryhis sister Penny Chenery raced Secretariat on behalf of the family. Retrieved from ” https: This article uses a sample of 44 countries to assess their chendry performance over the periodusing the single-index model, a part of the modern portfolio theory.

Views Read Edit View history. Reassessing Export Diversification Strategies: In particular, from a risk-return perspective the export portfolio of manufactured products dominates the export portfolio of food items and agricultural products which in turn dominates the export portfolio of fuel products and of ores and minerals.

Westphal Eds Economic Structure and Performance: The article builds four clusters of countries classified by the dominance of exports of 1 fuel products, 2 manufactured products, 3 food items and agricultural products and 4 ores and minerals. Struot worked as a professor of economics at Stanford from toas a Guggenheim fellow in and joined the United States Agency for International Development inand rose to become an assistant administrator.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chenery was born in 19966son of Christopher Chenerya businessman and horseman. After Secretariat’s victory in the Belmont Stakes, Hollis Chenery led the horse down the walkway to the winner’s circle as cameras took pictures and the crowd gave a standing ovation. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher.

Hollis B. Chenery – Wikipedia

Chenery’s work chdnery wide-ranging but might be summarised as involving the analysis of patterns of development, the use of a two-gap model and multi-sectoral analysis. He was played by Dylan Baker in the film Secretariat. In he became a professor of economics at Harvard. The results are that the export portfolios comprised of manufactured products have a superior performance than export portfolios comprised of non-manufactured products.

All countries in the sample obtain a dominant majority of their export earnings from these broad categories of products. Robert McNamara Alden W.

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An important caveat is that this rosy scenario is unlikely to last. He worked as the World Bank’s vice president for development policy from through to Chief Economist of the World Bank — The implications for countries and firms are also discussed. Secretariat became the first horse in 25 years to win the American Triple Crownwith record-setting victories in the Kentucky Derbythe Preakness and the Belmont Stakes.


Essays in Honor of Hollis B. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Strou Policy. Hollis Burnley Chenery January 6, — September 1, was strkut American economist well known for his pioneering contribution in the field of development economics.

This domination validates a priori belief that manufacturing goods and exports is the best strategy for development of exports of a country. Modern EconomyVol. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat American Economic Review, 56,