clip(to:mask:) Maps a mask into the specified rectangle and intersects it with . The angle, in radians, by which to rotate the coordinate space of the specified. Declaration. func UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() -> CGContext? func UIGraphicsPushContext(CGContext). Makes the specified graphics context the current.

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Saving and Restoring the Current Graphics State

refrence Managing the Current Context. Creates a PDF graphics context. Returns a pointer to the image data associated with a bitmap context. CGText Encoding Sets the font and font size in a graphics context. Working with Transparency Layers.

rotate(by:) – CGContext | Apple Developer Documentation

cgcontetx Creates a new graphics context from the specified Core Graphics context and the initial flipped state. A mutable graphics path: A graphics context contains drawing parameters and all device-specific information needed to render the paint on a page to the destination, whether the destination is a window in an application, a bitmap image, a PDF document, or a printer.

I’ve just tested your code, and as Peter said, it should work. UInt32 Creates a bitmap graphics context. If the mask parameter is an image mask, then Core Graphics clips in a manner identical to the behavior seen with the draw in: CGPoint Returns the current point in a non-empty path.

A Quartz 2D drawing environment. Drawing Gradients and Shadings. Rules for determining which regions are interior to a path, used by the fill Path using: CGAffine Transform Returns the current transformation matrix. Post as a guest Name.


A CIContext object that you can use to render into the receiver. Working with the Current Clipping Path. Topics Creating a Graphics Context.

CGFloat Enables shadowing in a graphics context. The source samples of mask determine which points of the clipping area are changed. Creates and returns a CGImage from the pixel data in a bitmap graphics context. CGFloat Paints a rectangular path, using the specified line width. CGBitmap Info Obtains the bitmap information associated with a bitmap graphics context. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

If the mask parameter is an image, then mask acts like an alpha mask and is blended with the current clipping area.

CGContext Reference

These properties and methods are valid only when used with a CGContext object created with the initializers listed in Creating Bitmap Graphics Contexts.

CGFloat Changes the origin of the user coordinate system in a context. Each graphics context contains its own graphics environment and state.

Managing the Graphics State. Begins a transparency layer.

Email Required, but never shown. Working with the Current Transformation Matrix. Instantiates and returns a new graphics context using the supplied NSBitmap Image Rep object as the context destination.


CGContext Reference | ios Tutorial

Enables shadowing with color a graphics context. CGImage Maps a mask into the specified rectangle and intersects it with the current clipping area of the graphics context. If S is 0the point in the clipping area is unchanged.

Int Displays an array of glyphs at a position you specify. Working with Core Foundation Types.

Compositing operators, described in terms of having source and destination images, each having an opaque and transparent region. See my code, which I added to my question.

Unsafe Mutable Raw Pointer The low-level, platform-specific graphics context represented by the graphic port. CGRect Returns the bounding box of a clipping path. Sets the clipping path to the intersection of the current clipping path with the region defined by an array of rectangles.

Int, bytes Per Row: Examining the Current Graphics Path. You obtain instances of concrete subclasses with the class methods currentinit attributes: Int, bits Per Component: Int Returns the bytes per row of a bitmap context. Constants that specify how Cocoa should handle colors that are not located within the destination cgcontfxt space of a graphics context.