Configure Proxey Server Step by Step Step 1 – Install CCProxy on the Server The server is the computer that can access the Internet directly in. CC Proxy Server can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS proxy server. It features powerful account management. CCProxy – local proxy server, through which you can provide access to the Internet You do not need to make any additional configuration, CCProxy will work.

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Only some advanced routers have this function. The left number is the amount of online connections.

CCProxy Server Configuration

In fact, the CCProxy is not concerned with hardware equipment. In this example, the IP – address is To enable remote dial-up from clients. Free version is limited with three computers. If you double click this zone, it will open the derver information dialog box.

The program was initially developed to share a modem connection but its functionality has been greatly expanded. As the name suggests, free proxy server is a proxy server for free which almostly means you do not need to pay for it.

Make sure that all clients within LAN are able to access the Server. CCProxy Sever is up and running. To start mail proxy service. To start Telnet proxy service and set proxy port.


No matter at home or school, you can visit websites freely even they have been blocked somehow. Double click this zone cobfiguration you will open the Windows system management.

Now, this computer is automatically working as an anonymous and free proxy server. To configure the proxy network settings such as server IP address binding, socket idle timeout, etc. If everything is fine, click Next to install the CCProxy.

Wizard will present a summary of our selection. If you want to know more about account management, please read ” Account Manager “. Make sure you have these addresses in hand as following IP Configurations are based on it.

CCProxy – Manual ( Tutorial )

For this tutorial we assume that client computers have proper network connectivity with server computer. CCProxy is not concerned about the manner in which the Internet connection is established, as long as the server is successful configuratino to the Internet.

Main Interface Toolbar Zone Start: Special mention is that if the clients have been able to share the Internet, such as through the router, and hope to use the CCProxy to manage and control the clients’ Internet access. To view the proxy server’s IP address and port, press click here to view 6.

CCProxy only requires that the clients can ping through the server IP address.

How to detect whether ping Requests are transferring through between the clients and server? We will explain the functions of CCProxy in this section.

To display the server time. To display and set ccporxy IP address. Keep all the other options of CCProxy as the default settings.


Want to surf without any restrictions? For demonstration purpose we will use CCProxy server. CCProxy is a lightweight proxy server. CCProxy can be called as Windows proxy server, but configuraion supports computers with various operation systems and can be run through emulators. Brief introduction on free proxy server Want to surf without any restrictions?

How To Install And Configure CCProxy – Tech Encyclopedia

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To configure the mail proxy service. The right number is the number of online accounts. To open the online logging monitor. Free proxy server should be a good choice for you. You might need to do some changes on your hardware. Options Dialog Box Open options dialog box by clicking “options”.

CCProxy is configuratoin easy-to-use, powerful, and free proxy server software, it helps you build your own proxy server free and easily. If you want to put a shortcut icon on desktop and quick launch bar, configurwtion respectively them in Additional icons and click Next. If you want to change the location, click Browse button and select that. To hide the interface. Display configurarion product logo.