Home HISTORY THE NGONI MIGRATION (O LEVEL) EFFECTS OF NGONI They caused wide spread loss of lives leading to depopulation in some areas. The Ngoni migration was primarily caused by Shaka’s expansionist wars. He had embarked on an a vigorous policy of expanding his empire at the expense of. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Reasons for the Ngoni migration. The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of.

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The Ngoni commanders kept the morale of the army high by promising them rewards after victory hence making them work harder. Militarily the Ngoni were organised in large standing armies migrarion age regiments; people of the same age trained together, which brought unity and efficiency. They disrupted the trade route between Tabora and Ujiji.

This kind of severe treatment scared small societies forcing them to flee on seeing them. The Ngoni migration and mfecane caused trouble for 20 years, in central and east Africa.

Ngoni disturbance disrupted normal cultivation leading to famine. Other leaders included Chief Maputo and Zulu Gama. It led to increased war-fare among the African societies, including those areas that had been peaceful before.


They often fought on their feet and in open areas for easy movement. There were also civil wars in Zulu land.



They finally settled at Kahama South of Lake Victoria. As you can imagine, they were disliked by the tribes they stole from. On their way they absorbed or fought off the people they encountered, capturing the young for worries and young women for wives.

They could not produce their own food. They share many common words in their languages. January 9, at 3: Causes of ngoni migration? Is 5g wifi really as harmful as some are saying? Their migration created a period of wars in areas that were migratjon peaceful. What would the volume of oxygen be in the air pocket? They migrated due to the increased knowledge of military tactics by the age regiments. For example, the Yao lost their lands to the Ngoni and were forced to settle in unfavorable areas.

Each group took a different direction.

They destroyed the economy of the people of southern Tanzania when they grabbed their cattle. But when Shaka defeated Zwide, one part of his group in s moved to East Africa into two groups of the Maseko and Tuta under Zwangendaba. Nulla facilisis, sapien non pharetra venenatis, tortor erat tempus est, sed accumsan odio ante ac elit.

The Causes of the Miggation Migration. They could be related to the Zulu.

Causes of ngoni migration?

What were the effects of the Ngoni settlement on the people of East Africa. It led to formation of a larger Ngoni society in E.


Disunity among the East African peoplewholived in isolated societies, made it easy for Ngoni to defeat them. It led to the introduction of new weapons eg. The people could not move south, because the Dutch settlers had lived there since the 17th century. They were attracted to this area here because of the cauxes herds of cattle around. It was due to over population, which was caused by the fertility of soils and reliability of rainfall between Drakensberg Mountains and the Indian Ocean.

The Ngoni invasion led to the rise of outstanding leaders to prominence. causfs

Ngoni Migration / The Coming of the Ngoni ~ wanazuoni Wetu

This led to food shortages. Most other tribes used throwing spears. They moved in a large numbers which helped them to outnumber their enemies who were often caught unaware, they used to absorb and assimilate all conquered people.

As they moved north they came into conflict. Africa as they absorbed many people. Villages were destroyed and people were forced offtheir land. The main problem was that the Ngoni knew only one way of life and that was fighting. The Ngoni invasion led to poverty, i.