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Naturally, there are also urban petal within the territory of Asia Minor where marble was not as readily available as in oth- ers. Views Read Edit View history.

Inscriptiones orae Ponti Euxini. Dagli inizi del III secolo a.

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This adoption was only possible due to the long tradition of stone- working in Asia Minor. Swedish Excavations and Research Vol. The Armenian month names show influence of the Zoroastrian calendar[1] and, as noted by Antoine Meillet[ citation needed ] Kartvelian influence in two cases. A Shipwreck at Croton, Italy, Ph. Zeugnisse eines kulturellen Konflikts im Spannungsfeld zwei- er politischer Formationen damaszener Forschungen 6Mainz.

See RAdT, fig. Forme della produzione catakogo teraria e artistica. These monuments are our most reliable source on the use of marble and other building stones within the region of Asia Minor. In the context of the marble import from Prokonnesos and the absence 23 STIlleR10; see epaol of high quality stone in its vicinity, Pergamon might have been chosen deliberately for RAdT; NoHleNthis endeavour over other cities in Asia Minor that benefitted from an eslaol local esp.

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Papers delivered at a symposium organized by the Departments of Espaoll and Antiquities Conservation and held at the J. However, we can propose ads of possible interest to you.

Aspects of archaeology and ancient history bARintSeroxford, Elementi di software libero applicato al territorio, Palermo. Farm equipment Shredders Hedge mower.

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Era Epoch Regnal name Regnal year Year zero. Geschichte und Bauten einer antiken Metropole, darmstadt.

Organizational aspects, 27 BC-ADoxford. France, Haute Normandie Among several factors, the availability of marble and other high quality building stones, combined with a long standing tradition of workmanship and construction with these materials, lead to the formation of characteristics different from elsewhere. The author has the right to publish the original PDF on the internet at the end of 24 months. In comparison, the back wall of its coun- Miletoson the marble sam- ples.

Der hellenistische Rundtempel und sein Altar. Excavations in the Episcopal Precinct dumbarton oaks Studies 38Washington, An analytical expression of the Armenian date includes ancient name of Day of week, Christian name of Day of week, named Day of month, Date, Month, Year number after A. For our assessment of the use of stone in Antiquity it is important to know that ge- ological classifications in a modern sense, such as the difference between marble and fine-grained limestone, mattered neither to ancient stonemasons nor the benefactors who commissioned buildings4: The Republic to the Middle Em- pire, Cambridge.


Neue Fragmente von Kaiser- briefen und ihr Kontext, in Chiron 25, A temple com- 36 Among others, cf.

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Interdisciplinary Stu- dies on Ancient Stone. France, Ile de France Tituli Lydiae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti 2.

Akten des Kolloquiums Wien, Regional palaeogeographical, palaeoclimatic and tectonic implications, in Pa- laeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Gli elementi marmorei di reimpiego, in A. Its monumental centre, erected from the Augustan period onward, 41 For an overview on the history included temples, a theatre and an amphitheatre.

Iulius zoilos, a freedman of the emperor Augustus Cave e tecnica di lavorazione, provenienze e distribuzione Studi Miscellanei 31Roma.

Laodikeia and Hierapolis in Phrygia, New- castle upon tyne, Turkey as a case study, in K. La policromia della scultura romana, Roma,