Elbert Leander “Burt” Rutan Credentials B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, officials should avoid implementing climate change policy because it. Burt Rutan and Climate Change. In early , The Wall Street Journal published a letter supposedly from 16 scientists saying there was no need to worry about. In his study (Google burt rutan climate change), he draws upon real data atmospheric CO2, past global climate changes, the pacific decadal.

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The Latest Denialist Plea for Climate Change Inaction

Virgin Galactic —an offshoot of businessman and investor Sir Richard Branson ‘s Virgin Groupand the parent company of Branson and Rutan’s spacecraft manufacturing startup The Spaceship Company —announced that it would begin space tourism flights in using craft based on the designs of SpaceShipOne. Again, a canard configuration was developed, the Rutan model He does hold numerous aircraft patents, however.

Retrieved June 10, Retrieved July 29, After serving as Rutan’s personal airplane, it was retired.

Louis and Bell X Announced in Julythe twin-pod vehicle has a wingspan of 31 feet 10 inches; with the wings reconfigured stowed between the podsthe car has a width of 7 feet 11 inches and fits in a single-car garage. Rutan in October However, recent research by Loeb et al.

Rutan later revised the VariEze design, providing more volume for fuel and cargo, resulting in the Rutan model 61 Long-EZdesigned to be bur by a Lycoming Oalthough some have used Lycoming Os or Lycoming Os. Rutan Aircraft Factory and Scaled Composites aircraft and spacecraft. The airplane was configured as a three-surface aircraft canard, main wing, and tail.


Climate Science Glossary

Archived December 10,at the Wayback Machine. That is true whether the product is an airplane or a Carbon Credit.

The prototype Rutan model 54 was built in and registered as N77Q. The aircraft was first flown with two Chahge O engines. It was retired after testing. Archived from the original on May 18, Two derivatives of the Quickie were subsequently developed, both expanded to include two seats.

Lindzen is the only climate scientist of note on the entire list, and is mainly noteworthy for his history of being wrong on climate issues. Rutan is married to Tonya Rutan. An explosion at the Scaled Composite factory at the Mojave Spaceport on July 26,which killed three engineers and seriously injured three others, may have contributed to the delay.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Views Read Edit View history.

Use the controls in the far right panel eutan increase or decrease the number of terms automatically displayed or to completely turn that feature off. Retrieved October 27, I’m taking this step because I think achieving something that has never existed in manned spaceflight — and that is high volume and public access — I think it is important to do that and to do it as soon as possible.

Apparently these “concerned scientists” don’t think very highly of their audience. In Decemberthey took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and flew around the world burtt in nine days, fulfilling the aircraft’s design goals. On March 3,the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyeran aircraft similar to the Voyager design but built by Scaled using stiffer materials and a single jet enginecompleted chanve first cbange non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world with adventurer Steve Fossett as pilot.


It also ignores the other adverse impacts of increasing CO2, like ocean acidification. Colin Chapman’s untimely death brought this project to an end, after the aircraft had flown.

Reducing weight was critical to the design, and Rutan is quoted as facetiously telling his staff that when they finish building a part, they must rtan it up in the air for a weight test, and “If it comes down, it’s too heavy”. Admitting in his presentation that he was not a climate scientist, Rutan also acknowledged his bias in favor of technology and against “government expansion”:.

Who said climate skeptics’ hunches don’t pack a punch?

Retrieved July 19, While it’s true that in a controlled setting like a greenhouse, increased CO2 levels will generally improve plant growth, the global climate is not so simple. Estacada, OregonU. Archived ruan as title link Sailplanedirectory. The Physical Science Basis.