Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara (2 Volume Set): The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination [Maharshi Parasara. बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Parashara’s Vedic Horoscopy. Translation and commentary by Dan Nelson. Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara. Jupiter has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in Shastras.

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The Varnad Lagn be considered, as natal Lagn, while the 7 th from Varnad will denote the longevity of the spouse, the 1 1 th longevity of elder brothers and sisters, the 3 rd longevity of younger brothers and sisters, the 5 th the longevity of sons, the 4 th longevity of mother and the 9 th longevity of father. It has a large, white body. Multiply the figure due to full strength for the division by the Varg Vishwa and divide by 20 to get the exact strength of the Grah.

If the said Grah is weak, being in Randhr Sahstra, the longevity will be medium, while the native will be a thief, be blameworthy and will blame others as well. Add 16 degrees 40 minutes to Chap, which will give Ketu UpaKetuwho is a malefic.

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Now listen to the method of working out Ghati Lagn. I now narrate the antidotes for such evils as well, which will parsahara helpful to assess the extent of inauspiciousness. O Brahmin, if Rahu is in Ari, while Sani is in Randhr from the said Rahu, the child will have danger through fire at the age of 1 and 2, while in Sahaj year birds will bring some evils. It is half beneficial in its own Bhava.

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His instruction, “If you want to be a good astrologer, meditate. hsastra

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Its ruler is Budh. Simh is ruled by Surya and is Sattvic. If Yuvati’s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava, the native will be endowed with happiness through wife, be courageous, skilful and intelligent, but only afflicted by windy diseases.

Mangal is its ruler. With such different motions, a Grah forms various Drishtis with others. The Rasi Kumbh represents parashaara man holding a pot. Its complexion is deep-brown. If Lagn Lord is in debilitation, combustion, or enemy’s Rasi, there will be diseases. It is a quadruped Rasi and a royal Rasi. Effects of Sahai Bhava Ch.

Effects of Tanu Bhava Ch. Benefics, giving a Drishti to Candr, will bring good to the mother. If Dhan Bhava and its Lord are yuti with malefics, the native will be a talebearer, will speak untruth and will be afflicted by windy diseases. The Bhava, whose Lord is in a malefic Shashtiahs, will diminish; so say Garga and others. Head, face, arms, heart, stomach, hip, space below navel, privities, thighs, knees, ankles and feet.

Antidotes for Evils 1. Rule of three process be applied to the Grah in between these positions. If one wishes to learn the Rasi based techniques they must turn their attention to Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutrasa proper and useful translation of which is as of yet unavailable. Grah Characters and Description Ch. The word Hora is derived from Ahoratr after dropping the first and last syllables. If Sahaj’s Lord is in Karm Bhava, briha native will have all lands of happiness and self- made wealth and be interested in nurturing wicked females.


I do not recommend study of this text without shsatra able to chant the sanskrit, however, there are some goals to be achieved by mastery of the basics of the planets, however understanding them in their real nature requires meditation and sadhana, something not to be avoided.

It is a Virgin briyat is Tamasic a disposition of demons. In other Bhavas Pranapad indicates an inauspicious birth.

The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India.

Its beneficence is one fourth in a friendly Rasi. To Be Nurtured by Three Mothers. So say the Jyotishis. Scholars hold this view on account of the fact that the Sanskrit style in which it is written is not that of age of the Mahabharata. Simh, Kumbh, Makar; Vyatipat: Effects of Dhan Bhava Ch. In this case there is no need of any rethinking.

This is Yavanas’ view, vide P. All these three forms are endowed with all the three Gunas, with predominance of the Gun due to their origin.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

If Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is yuti with a hors the native’s wife will incur evils, especially, if Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is bereft of strength. It rules Sudras, the 4 th Varna and the West.

Inauspicious effects are quite reverse with reference to what is stated.