*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the first volume of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy, the five warring Successor States of the Inner Sphere confront a new. Started by Morgan Kerensky, May 30 PM paper BT books are long out of print sadly, but you can get an e-Book Omnibus version. Blood Legacy by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 2. Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 3. BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky Omnibus by Michael A.

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First new Battletech novel in 13 years. Masquerading as a freeborn named Jorge, he has to hide his true self for fear of his Clan’s reaction. Melissa Steinerheir to the throne of the Lyran Commonwealthis kidnapped and Daniel Allard and the Kell Hounds mercenary unit mount a rescue.

A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creationson the part of the author or publisher. When ComStar challenges the Clans to one final decisive battle on the planet Tukayyid, Aidan gets one last shot at redemption. Clan Nova Cat is known for following their mystical visions, even when the path appears strange to outsiders. Thaddeus Marik has become the figurehead for a new community of worlds attempting to resurrect the Free Worlds League.

BattleROM – BattleTechWiki

I’ve had a lot of success lately using Twitter to get answers lately. Book six of The Twilight of the Clans series.


Part 2 of the Bear Cycle. But when boood latest mission ends in defeat and personal disgrace, Danai will face the greatest challenge of her life. But how can these once-rival forces combine, and are their enemies lurking amongst them? Victor Steiner-Davionheir to the throne of the Federated Commonwealthis fresh from the academy and posted to the back end of nowhere. Related events Clan Invasion.

With dignitaries from across human space arriving to honor a fallen hero, Terra becomes a pressure cooker that may just explode and bring devastation to everyone. He is then dispatched to Gibson, where he falls into a political trap between the noble ruler, the rebellious locals, and the Word of Blakeall fighting a Vietnam-like counter insurgency, complete with body counts.

Blood of Kerensky

One had committed crimes so terrible that omnibis very name is shunned and only referred Not-Named Clan.

BattleTech is a huge house, it’s not any one fan’s or “type” of fans. Then came the Jihad, launched by a fanatical splinter group. Melissa Steiner’s assassination ignited the fires of civil war, and now secessionist factions clamor for rebellion against the Federated Commonwealth, The rebels’ plans hinge on gaining control of the Skye March, and thus controlling the crucial Terran Corridor. February – The year of the Horse. Behind the Combine troops, however, lie the Kokoryu-Kai, a mysterious organization that wants to overthrow the Coordinator of the Combine.

Clan Wolf has awaken to the desires to conqueror Terra. And behind it all, ComStar lurks, ready to betray their Clan allies for the omnibux to fulfill their destiny as the saviors of humanity. You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post. Submit a new link.


Blood of Kerensky Series by Michael A. Stackpole

Finally I gave up and went to the library and asked if they’d look across the country from other libraries for it However, the others elements of the old League are in motion with their own plans. Kefensky Marik is at his wits end. He is set up to be killed in battle, and is captured by enemy mercenaries. Raised among royalty in the Magistracy of Canopus, where the superiority of women is a cultural axiom, Danai Liao-Centrella possesses keresky the confidence necessary for her to ascend through the Confederacy ranks, despite having to contend with the constant machinations of her maniacal brother, Daoshen.

Lost Destiny by Michael A. Wolf’s Dragoons have seen and done it all. Book three of The Jade Phoenix Trilogy.

An unlikely alliance has arisen between the loyal Highlanders, the secessionist Stormhammers and the predatory Steel Wolves to protect the planet Skye against Clan Jade Falcon.

Part 3 of the Andurien Wars series.

Blood of Kerensky Series

But i quick search on amazon and i’ve found all 3. Time Period covered – 12 November to 2 March Book two of Kerenskt Blood of Kerensky Trilogy. Hermann RitterErik Schreiber.