Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a. Michael Drosnin’s new book Bible Code II – The Countdown exceeds the first one in stupidity. Drosnin’s first chapter concerns the Sep 11 attack on New York.

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Aug 29, Lance rated it liked it. Hay que amar, en todo caso, la vulnerabilidad del hombre. The year corresponds to the Jewish year I had never read the book previously because I had heard you could get the same results analyzing “Moby Dick” or anything else of sufficient length. One of Drosnin’s claims is that the Bible predicts the attack on New York.

I had problems with it from the start. It’s hard to blame someone for following up on a successful book, but in this case additional writing just gave the author the chance to insert his foot into his mouth and further discredit himself.

But might there be more impressive words than TORH? View all 3 comments. Rips until the following year when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. The Bible Code 11 Jul 02, Criticisms [ edit ] Drosnin has been criticized by some who believe that the Bible Code is real but that it cannot predict the future.

At one point, Drosnin bkble to imply that alien beings with an advanced technology encoded the Bible for our benefit some 3, years ago, and that the Torah is itself a kind of super computer, a technology we do not yet have the power to comprehend and unlock fully. The Bible Code 1. A very interesting idea. Open Preview See a Problem?


Aug 12, Luis Loaiza rated it it was ok. It’s in the north facing Israel’s foe Syria. I found this reading quite astonishing and overwhelming, obviously I can’t say if it’s true beyond any doubt, but honestly, what I read about here, and the “answers” that they were obtained from the test done to the “Bible Code”, certainly gave me a lot to think and feeling bibl So after years of core and writing and knowing that somewhat similar ideas do have merit, I read the “Bible Code.

The only thing I remembered in it was something about Russia and Syria playing a role in the next great war. We only use key words of the form event,year. Jun 26, Alejandro rated it it was amazing Shelves: There bjble nothing in the book to convince me that the odds of finding such phrases in the Bible are very high.

Home Why this site? However, tables cannot cod used to make predictions for two reasons: If I see a fictional novel he writes in the future I will read it. He also talked to a senior code breaker at the top-secret U.

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

Look at every 22nd letter. The topic is fascinating, but the writing is rather banal. Allegedly, the Bible Code is able to predict all manner of events, ranging from the Nazi holocaust to Hiroshima to the assassination of presidents and prime ministers, and several near-term future events.


Indeed people did buy his book. That is, until you see the same folks on television, on History Channel or NatGeo, etc. For more details please see our Cookies Policy. It’s garbage, garbage, garbage, and has never predicted anything before the fact which is, in fairness, included in the definition of predict. The book also states that many famous assassinations—both past and future—were foretold in the Bible, and that the code can be interpreted with the help of a computer program.

The cylinder size produced by the search is 1, Rips and his colleagues claim that Havlin chose the names as well as the spellings.

The Demise of Drosnin

Minor matters like the scientific value of his work are left to a small appendix. This was cofe naturally interesting topic for literature, and the concept is feasible. However, the whole concept bigle based on the fact that the Bible is written correctly as we have it today. Trivia About The Bible Code. Drosnin has been criticized by some who believe that the Bible Code is real but that it cannot predict the future.

Alas for poor Mr.

What does your mind perceive? Then he goes even farther than that, accepting diagonal words and words at various slopes.

So, mathematicians turned back to the Bible to see what else they could learn by the using the software. I bought this book on sale at a mall bookshop.