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The timid, do not take up any task, aprehending hurdles. If there is a true relinquisher, it is only Lord Shiva.

Bhartruhari Sataka Trisati – Neeti Satakam – English | Vaidika Vignanam

Ego and sense of prestige dried up. Scholar — Humility and modesty. Demons hinder and injure the programmes of others, for carrying out their own programmes. The poet has four questions in the four lines of the verse. Face is a storehouse of phlegm. Cohabit with co-operative and loving wife.


Riches are like mental conceptions Translator’s comment: Brahma is the Creator. A gem — by polishing; 2. They were not taken aback by vhartruhari fierce fumes. He wants to be passive, accepting whatever happens. The Sun God shuttles the skies bhartrruhari. Why do you wander uselessly? Let the death be now itself or at the end of an age.

Bhartrihari Subhashitam

In this comforts, Ascetics will have Bharturhari with the Supreme Spirit. Youthfulness degenerated during youth itself. Powders camphor pieces and makes: He wears his beloved on the left half of his body. Covetous and Greedy king. Friendship with good persons: The moon blooms the water-lilies. From the sea to the world beneath pataalam. Absence of love and attachment to wife and children 4.

Keep your self clean like a divine crystal. If a female fish dances and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous.

On the moonlit sands of the River Ganga 4. Teluguu are bound to disappear with afflux of time. Though it is said that Gita motivates people to ‘action’, a person may lose his reason and become superstitious.


If a person wants to enjoy desired results, the Goddess Bhagavati should be approached and worshipped. Sagakam verse also deals with repentence. Mind remaining in Union and not deviating towards matters outside. He behaves fully as per the dictates of his conscience. What are real jewels to humans? The actor takes up several roles.

Its play can do anything. The Sun blooms the lotuses. But it is not. Satisfaction is equal to both of us. Working with great prowess; 6. It does not involve violence.