Treatise on Instrumentation (Dover Books on Music) [Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most influential. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Hector ioned. Berlioz was one of the first composers to deal greatly with orchestration. In this treatise he talks about what the different sounds that instruments make (tone.

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Berlioz was one of the first composers to deal greatly with orchestration. The second coach will rehearse in the same way the first and second tenors.

Treatise On Instrumentation

No other available insttumentation could produce this kind of harmonious flutter which the piano has no difficulty in rendering, and which the sylph-like character of the piece requires. It is less agile than the ophicleide, but its tone is powerful and its range in the lower part is the most extensive available in the whole orchestra.

Its tone is less penetrating, more veiled and deeper than that of the oboe, and is therefore not suitable for expressing the gaiety of rustic tunes.

They possess the greatest expressive power and an unquestionable variety of timbres.

Treatise on Instrumentation – Wikipedia

Here music is far from our national habits, the government does everything for theatres, but nothing for real music. Formerly opera orchestras were always made up of string instruments in numerical proportion to the mass of the other instruments; but for some years now things have changed.

It is better in such cases to write them in two parts than to make the clarinets play in unison or instrimentation octaves. The effect has a stabbing, lacerating quality, like a dagger blow. But to try to go beyond this would be to trespass on the territory of inspiration, where only genius is capable of making discoveries, because genius alone is able to range over it.

Composers then naively believe that they have orchestrated their music in an energetic way and written something beautiful! After this three choruses will be formed composed each of one third of all ibstrumentation singers; and finally the entire chorus will rehearse together. This manner of instrumentation could lead to grand and sublime effects. The Menuet des Follets from the Damnation of Faust may be mentioned as an example of the varied use of the instrument in the course of the same piece].

It cannot be shaken to produce its sound except at well beroioz intervals, that is about twice in a bar in a moderate tempo. The use made of the piano in the single example I have just mentioned is quite different.


Grand traité d’instrumentation et d’orchestration modernes, Op.10 (Berlioz, Hector)

Barbaric it is treatisee, since quite apart from the harmonic congestion produced, it necessarily introduces into the harmony the most dreadful chaos through the unavoidable inversion of chords. Meyerbeer has demonstrated in the magnificent scene of the resurrection of the nuns in Robert le Diable. The Treatise insttrumentation also available in an up-to-date English translation with detailed commentary: The book also provides orchestral excerpts from classical scores to give examples of techniques discussed.

Viola players were always recruited from among rejected violin players.

The cornet part which Berlioz added to the second movement of the Symphonie Fantastiquethough distinctive and not a mere doubling of the other parts, is not intended as a solo].

It only has stops for simple or double octaves and for shifting the keyboard right or left. The result is barbaric, though admittedly not instrimentation the same degree as with the mixture stops of the organ which give to each note simultaneously the notes of the major chord, in other words trdatise major third and perfect fifth.

This is done by suspending a number of hangings and concentrating at this point materials that are suitable for intercepting instrumengation sound waves. The effect produced by such sustained chords is very remarkable, if the subject of the piece calls for it and it integrates well with the rest of the orchestral writing. I assume he is thoroughly familiar, down to the smallest detailswith the score he is going to perform.

It takes berlilz long time to discover the Mediterraneans of music, and longer still to learn to navigate them. A melodium played by a sensitive musician can and should introduce there harmony and civilisation, and bring about in time the disappearance of those grotesque howls which are still the concomitant of religious services.

This beautiful instrumental soprano voice, inetrumentation sonorous and rich in penetrating inflexions when used in large numbers, gains when played solo in delicacy, elusive nuances, and mysterious sympathy what it loses in power and brightness. Harp harmonicsespecially with several harps in unison, are even more magical. The need for runs of this kind is extremely rare, and we confess we have not yet come across it.

But if the tiers are erected in a special hall or at one end of a church, and if, as often is teatise case, the end of this building is constructed of thick materials and causes the sound of the instruments tfeatise to it to reverberate with excessive force and harshness, then the effectiveness of the reflectors and the resulting reverberation can easily be reduced. The most influential work of its kind ever written, appraising the musical qualities and potential of over instrumentatiion commonly used stringed, wind and percussion instruments.


Even then it would be very difficult to bring together in Paris voices of any quality; at the moment the study of singing there is neither very widespread nor very advanced. Despite its proud and genuinely distinguished timbre, there are few instruments that have been so debased as the trumpet. The Tenoroon Basson Quinte. It has been M. It might join in an ensemble piece, in a very large orchestra, but only to enhance gradually the power of a strong rhythm which has already been established, and which is gradually reinforced by successive entries of the most sonorous instruments.

The texts, photos, images and musical scores on all pages of this site are covered by UK Law and International Law. Even if placed against the walls of the palace, the reflection will not be sufficient, as the sounds get immediately dissipated in every other direction.

Nothing has such voluptuous sadness as a mass of cellos playing in unison on the A string, and nothing is better suited to expressing tender and languorous melodies.

Berlioz Treatise on orchestration

I know of nothing less harmonious and more vulgar that this style of instrumentation. But as large orchestras always have four bassoons, the composer may with advantage write four real parts, or better still, three parts with the lowest doubled an octave below, to give more strength to the bass line.

Here is the lonely virgin, the blond betrothed of the huntsman, who raises her eyes to heaven and mingles her gentle lament with the sounds of the deep forests shaken by the storm. These musicians had developed a taste for dissonant chords, rather like certain animals have a taste for salt, prickly plants and thorny shrubs. Particularly in cases where the chords are brief and separated by silences, it is like hearing strange monsters uttering in the dark groans of barely suppressed rage.

Selected pages Title Page. When combined with timpani rolls in several parts, as in the work I have just mentioned, and with an orchestration that emphasises the note of terror, they suggest the strange and awesome sounds that accompany the great cataclysms of nature. This lack has resulted in numerous more or less clumsy mutilations and arrangements of the original scores.

It is rather like a bull escaped from its stable and frolicking in a salon. Beethoven has also made use of these barely articulated notes sc.