Find great deals for Belkin OmniView PRO3 USB & PS/2 8-Port KVM Switch – KVM switch – 8 ports. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Belkin F1DAZ is an OmniView PRO3 8-port USB & PS/2 KVM Switch which provides server control with extraordinary performance. This 8-port KVM. The F1DAZ 8-Port OmniView PRO3 USB & PS/2 KVM Switch from Belkin, is a device that allows network administrators to monitor and control a.

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Info Accessories Questions Reviews. Is this rack mountable? Yes, the F1DAZ is rackmountable in standard inch racks with the included adjustable mounting brackets and screws. Unfortunately no, this product does not support Audio.

Thank you for your inquiry. Hot-key sequences to switch focus, as specified in the manual, are: Thank you for your patience. omniviww

We have heard back from Belkin. Unfortunately, they do not have a link to a firmware upgrade for this KVM. Unfortunately no, this switch does not support SNMP.

There are beklin number of Dual monitor KVM units on the market today.

Unfortunately, this Belkin unit is not one of them. Can one use this to control PCs and not servers.


Yes, this unit will support a PC, as long as each machine meets the erquired specifications. Is there flash-upgrade oro3 available so one can use with XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8.

There is a firmware upgrade available for this switch located at the Belkin support site: That being said, according to Belkin, this switch should work with the following operating systems SunSoft Solaris 8, Novell NetWare 5.

Belkin OmniView PRO3 PS/2 8-Port KVM Switch – KVM switch – 8 ports Overview – CNET

Can you please tell me which 8 port switch will work with XP, vista, W7 and W8. Hard to find one and needs to be as cheap as possible. We are not hearing much in the way of Windows 8. It continuously omniivew for the data, so you need to find a switch the continuously provides the monitor data to the target machines.

Unfortunitly, the older, cheaper KVMs just won’t have that funcitonality. This Adder unit, https: Will this switch work with W7 and W8. Mainly issues will arise with the monitor information for the non-active targets. They may “forget” the resolution settings for the attached monitor. Having briefly looked at the specs however, we would be reluctant to say that it would definitely work with Windows 7 or Windows 8.


Belkin OmniView PRO3 PS/2 8-Port KVM Switch – KVM switch – 8 ports – desktop Series

The specifications as listed by Belkin include the following operating systems: Unfortunately, Windows Server is not listed. As this is a hardware based solution, that does not require any drivers or software, in the past we would not have hesitated to say that it peo3 function with a particular operating system.

Now however, newer operating systems like Windows 7 and later, have changed how they deal with display identification and USB peripherals. This has caused some older KVMs to lose functionality. What is the part for the cables? The cables for this unit are – For USB: Is this fully compatipable with the discontinued F1DAT?

Belkin OmniView Dual-User PRO3 8-Port KVM Switch F1DAZ B&H

Po3 you want to cascade the units, the F1DAZ has to be configured as the primary device. If you have any questions or concerns or would like a recomendation based on your setup, please feel free to contact your KVM Switches Online sales reprasentative directly atat sales kvm-switches-online.

Metal enclosure with high-impact plastic faceplate.