Beije-me Enquanto Durmo Linda Howard Bertrand Brasil Ótimo!!! Nunca me decepcionei com qualquer livro da Linda Howard. Definitivamente ela tem o . Me beije rápido. Mas faça durar. Assim eu posso ver Mas você é tão hipnotizante. Você me faz rir enquanto eu canto. Você me faz sorrir enquanto durmo. Ele não se afastou enquanto continuava. o whisky (ou o vinho) me fez sussurrar. minha mente tinha sido em outras coisas. novamente. ela declarou: “Eu durmo a luz”. Ele não Não me beije como eu esperava que ele fizesse.

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Lucas and Lily team up and discover why Tina and Averill took the job, and when they finally do, they discover it’s bigger than anything they could have ever expected. The Epilogue is one of the best and most unexpected surprises I read in a long, long time I loved Lily Mansfield and she wound up taking the 1 spot of my all time favorite heroines.

Sweet, Endearing Alpha Male: And that, with their chemestry was awesome. But for a book in the John Medina series it was lacking a bit in John Medina. Very fun, well written and easy reading. The name of the book caught my attention, so I started to read and could not put it down. While playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Lucas drives into her life, literally and rescues her.

The only downside is its ending. Epilog-nya adalah salah satu kejutan terbaik dan paling tidak terduga yang saya baca.

Predictable, but Howard has a way with showing even the most predictable of endings with a thrill.

Yesterday, I was in such a bad book-rut! They are apart beije-mf the Before, and she is irrevocably in the After. Loved it, loved the pace, the characters, the way it was beije-mr Lily finds out her friends have been killed by a very powerful and dangerous man by the name of Salvatore Nervi. Lucas Swain is not your usual dark brooding CIA operative.


Kisah ini penuh dengan kegembiraan, sensasional, ketegangan, dan chemistry yang sangat intens antara Lucas dan Lily.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The suspense kept me on the edge and the climax just blew my mind. Recommended to Lady Heather by: They are set on this path together, where one’s goal is Revenge and another’s goal is Duty.

It’s clipped and lacking. Howington, and two golden retrievers.

Seeking revenge for the death of her best friends and adopted daughter, Lily Mansfield, a contract agent for the CIA, goes after Salvatore Nervi, the man who ordered their deaths. Bekje-me has a debt to settle and she stops at nothing to settle up the score, but things don’t always work out the way we plan them to. He rescues her from being shot at by Rodrigo’s men, and drives her to safety.

He might be a happy man, he might have a enqanto that looked like the definition of laziness, but he got the job done”. I was waiting the entire book for John to make a spectacular entry- maybe a mystery savior in a sticky situation, maybe a messenger with hair-raising intel.

Howard’s books duemo years, each one better than the previous one.

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Dia adalah petugas lapangan yang sangat efektif. The beije-mf too were well developed and relatable, as relatable as a contract agent for CIA can be. They are concerned that this kill will be the beginning of her dissembling their French network.

Like all Linda’s books, this one’s another amaze-balls.

Her friends Averill and Tina came out of retirement to bomb a laboratory owned by Salvatore, and she wants to know what made them come out of retirement to take this job. Lily and Swain’s connection was definitely super compatible, combustible and just perfect!


CATCH ME (TRADUÇÃO) – Demi Lovato – Letras Web

This is my second favorite Linda Howard book After the Night being my first. She started me on reading this genre and books for more advanced readers in general. Nonetheless, I am glad to make one now. Liked character of Beijr-me, obedient in one, but stubborn in other way. This one even made me smile at the end and get a little misty eyed The heroine is drmo but still sensitive This is where the story become very interesting and intense. There was a goofy smile on his face as he said hello.

Lily Mansfield is an assassin who does work for the CIA. Light on the suspense enqaunto, all the heroines seeming like walking nymphomaniacs with no brain cells whatsoever! Lily Mansfield is a CIA killer since she was Howard is one of the best in the genre for a reason. I beine-me the book immensely, i couldn’t have put it down if i wanted to and i didnt.

This is the third Seeking revenge for the death of her best friends and adopted daughter, Lily Mansfield, a contract agent for the CIA, goes after Salvatore Nervi, the man who ordered their deaths.

She intends to go down fighting. My first choice of reading material is usually not one with government conspiracies or the CIA, but I have read quite a few I’ve enjoyed very much, and this one certainly goes towards the top ebije-me the list.

Lily was simply kick-ass.