Get quality health insurance to protect your children with Blue Advantage from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. BCBSNC offers a range of health plans for groups and individuals. by other health insurance as of the effective date of your Blue Advantage coverage. Get a lower-cost health insurance plan with Blue Advantage Saver from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

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You won’t pay more than your out-of-pocket maximum, no matter how high your annual expenses.

You’ll have access to the largest provider network in the state, which means many of North Carolina’s best doctors and hospitals are at your fingertips. For costs and further details about maternity coverage or Dental Blue, including exclusions and reductions or limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force, see your agent or write to BCBSNC.

Includes a variety of services important to your good health. Pre-existing condition waiting periods may also apply. And you’re covered with unlimited benefits for covered expenses over your lifetime.

Serving North Carolina residents since All three plans offer comprehensive coverage for preventive care. Learn more about our non-discrimination policy and no-cost services available to you. When you receive preventive care out-of-network you may pay more out-of-pocket. For details on coverage limitations and exclusions, and terms under which the policy can be continued in force, please contact BCBSNC.


Deductibles, coinsurance, limitations and exclusions apply to this coverage. Members who receive covered services out-of-network may be required to pay the difference between the provider’s actual charge and the BCBSNC allowed amount, in addition to the coinsurance amount. Rates vary based on the coverage options you choose and your personal information, including age, number of dependents, county of residence, gender and health history and will be subject to underwriting.

BCBSNC Compare Blue Advantage to Blue Options HSA

This plan is eligible for an HSA. Maternity coverage is offered through Blue Advantage at an additional cost. You’re covered across the nation and in more than countries and territories worldwide through the Blue Card network.

You have the freedom to see out-of-network doctors and can visit a specialist without referral. With Blue Advantage Saver you get many of the same features found in a traditional copayment plan but with more flexibility to get just the coverage you need — at a lower monthly premium.

Access your policy information, plus health information, tools and resources on your secure member site. A separate pharmacy deductible may apply. Rates are effective January 1,through December 31, Contributions are tax-deductible, withdrawals and interest are tax-free.

You pay a copayment for prescription drugs. At a network pharmacy, you pay only a convenient copayment.

Health Plans

You can choose to purchase maternity or dental coverage with your health care plan. The content contained in this site is maintained by NCHealthplans. Other covered services may be blueadbantage to deductible and coinsurance. Blue Cross and Blue Bcbsjc of North Carolina does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in its health programs and activities.


Members who receive covered services out-of-network may be required to pay the difference between the provider’s actual charge and the BCBSNC allowed amount, in addition to the coinsurance amount. These services and supplies may be subject to your deductible and coinsurance. Before your deductible is met, you pay the total cost of your care.

Blue Advantage Saver | BCBSNC

Some Blue Advantage Saver plans offer limited office visits. Get a Free Quote. Dental Blue is a separate product that provides dental-only coverage and is available at an additional rate. You pay toward hospital costs until your deductible is met.

Other covered services may be subject to deductible and coinsurance. After your deductible is met, you pay coinsurance until you reach your total out-of-pocket maximum amount. Purchase coverage for your dependent children without having to cover yourself. You’ll get comprehensive blueadvajtage coverage at rates that fit your budget.