Product data sheet. Rev. 5 — 5 October 2 of Nexperia. BAT54 series. Schottky barrier diodes. 3. Ordering information. 4. Marking. Datasheets, BAT54,A,C,S. PCN Obsolescence/ EOL, 1Q Product EOL 31/ Mar/ PCN Design/Specification, Mold Compound 12/Dec/ Mutl Dev Wafer Source Add 15/Jun/ PCN Other, Multiple Device Changes 29/Apr/ HTML Datasheet, BAT54, A, C, S Datasheet. EDA / CAD Models?.

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With that the characteristics of BAT54A can be given as:.

BAT54A is used in circuits where power efficiency is important. Submitted by admin on 22 November Now for an instant consider datasheeet PSU polarity is connected wrongly.

So under error connection there will be zero voltage appearing across the Microcontroller thus saving it from damage. The current flows in to the device from this pin.

Cathode for first schottky diode in the device. The current flows out from the device through this pin.


Panjit International Inc – datasheet pdf

TL — Programmable Reference Voltage. Here the power supply unit delivers power Microcontroller while diode in series is for protection. The device being capable of carrying sizable currents while having low drop will lead to high efficiency which is a necessity in battery operated systems.

With that the characteristics of BAT54A can be given as: Common Anode datashet the two schottky diodes in the device. Working of circuit When the supply unit delivers power the diode gets forward biased and current starts flowing.

BAT54A can be operated like any other rectifier diode and can be installed in rectifier and protection circuits. In the above circuit BAT54A protects sensitive Microcontroller from reverse voltage and in a similar way we can use the device in other application circuits.

Panjit International Inc

BAT54A is designed to be capable of recovering from forward conduction to blocking reverse voltage taking only 5nS so that it can be operated high frequency applications.


In the above circuit BAT54A is used as a protection diode for the microcontroller.

The device being designed to have low voltage drop during conduction datashet become necessary in low voltage circuits where conduction voltage drop cannot be afforded. Under such state the diode gets reverse biased and based on BAT54A characteristics no current flows through the circuit during reverse bias. Conducts in forward bias direction Anode connected to positive voltage and Cathode connected to ground Only leakage current up to 0. Because of current flow a voltage appears at the Microcontroller and this voltage will be very near to PSU voltage because the device has very low drop during forward conduction.

Cathode for second schottky diode in the device.