UWP Model , Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve – Conforms to AWWA C – DI Bodies translate into pure strength achieving three times that of Cast Iron alone. AWWA C Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: The butterfly valves shall conform to the latest edition of AWWA-C Standard for Rubber Seated Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves. The valves and actuators.

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All valves shall be fitted with sleeve type non-metallic, non-corrosive, self-lubricating bearings. It is the responsibility of the user of an AWWA standard to determine that the products described in that standard are suitable for use in the particular application being considered. Aswa publication of a standard does not constitute endorsement of any product or product type, nor does AWWA test, certify, or approve any product.

Rotork: AB AWWA C And C

The primer shall be compatible with the anticipated field coatings when the field coatings are identified by the purchaser. Principal dimensions, including laying length Table 1 j. The designations A and B define the flow-rate capabilities with the valve in the fully open position. Direction to turn the handwheel, chainwheel, or wrench nut to open valves. Ship valves with valve discs degrees open. Type—manual, electric, cylinder, or other.

Torque, Head Loss, and Cavitation Analysis, is required. The possibility of groundwater or surface water entering the valve and the disposal of the water should be considered.


Adjustable stop-limiting devices shall be provided in the actuators for the open and closed positions.

Rubber seats of valves 30 in. AWWA standards are 5c04 to represent a consensus of the water supply industry that the product described will provide satisfactory service. Turbulence is also a factor that may affect torque requirements.

Valves shall be fitted with sleeve-type bearings contained in the hubs of the valve body. All chambered actuators shall incorporate non-metallic bearings isolating the rotating segment from the actuator housing. Contact United Water Products This American National Standard may be revised or withdrawn at any time.

Many butterfly valves have different sealing characteristics on one side vs. Actuator type and service conditions. The wear resistance of awda seating-surface material shall be demonstrated as capable ofopening and closing cycles under full-rated pressure in water without damage.

The party that manufactures, fabricates, or produces materials or products.

For any overlay, the following performance items are required: B IV V Introduction Generally, modern butterfly-valve designs for water service include cast-body construction in psi kPapsi kPapsi 1,kPaand psi 1,kPa pressure classes; flanged, mechanical-joint, and wafer bodies; rubber seats in valve bodies or on the valve discs; and operating conditions limited by the design shutoff pressure and xwwa of water flow that produce torques considered maximum for the shaft size used.

Clearances required for the actuator, and clearances required to remove the actuator c. The connection between the shaft and the disc shall be designed to transmit shaft torque equivalent to at least 75 percent of the torsional strength of the minimum required shaft diameters.


This standard also accepts sprayed mating-seat surfaces when the surfaces are applied under certain conditions. Bearings shall be designed for a pressure not to exceed the published design load for the bearing material or one-fifth the compressive strength of the bearing or shaft material. In the United Awqa, authority to regulate products for use in, or in contact with, drinking water rests with individual states.

Clamps and retaining rings for rubber seats shall be made of corrosion-resistant metallic material, as referenced in Sec.

Uncoated steel and iron-machined surfaces shall be coated with a corrosion inhibitor. A flangeless body valve having a minimal face-to-face laying length designed to be installed between pipe flanges.

ABAW-AWWA C504 and C517

If the purchaser specifies a valve classification and fails to specify differential pressure or flow, actuator sizing shall be based on the pressure or flow requirement of the specified class rather than the most severe pressure and flow conditions listed in this standard.

The number of turns to open and close for manual actuators d. If the purchaser specifies a wetted component that was not part of the tested and certified valve, the certification may not be valid. The primary pressure-retaining structure of the valve that forms a portion of the pipeline and that has ends adapted for connection to the piping.