View and Download Pentax MX manual online. for difficulties resulting from the use of any other brand of lenses or accessories with an Asahi Pentax. camera. The Pentax MX was a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by Asahi Optical Co, later The MX is all manual: it does not feature autofocus or autoexposure modes such as aperture-priority, shutter-speed priority, or full program. Thank you for purchasing the PENTAX MX Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features.

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If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. Now, having got passed all of my criticisms, time for why I am using it on the daily. But it’s not the cheapest either and what I have to say here is: Don’t have an account? While looking through the viewfinder, turn the focusing ring until your subject comes into sharp focus.

When the aperture size is the most important factor, set the aperture desired by turning the aperture ring. I can see if the film is wound on, I can see how many exposures I have left, I can preview depth of field, I can set ASA, I can set the self timer, and I can see the shutter and aperture readings in the viewfinder. Also, packed in with most types of 35mm film is a data sheet with suggestions for determining the correct exposure in a variety of situations.

I still use it all the time, I took it with me on a trip last week and shot 1 roll through it and another roll through my MX.

I took saahi MX on a nice walk along the beach today, I was very happy with it, it looks and feels nice before and after I pick it up. After 15 or so years of non-activity, I had to send it to Harrow Technical, London to have it serviced. Exposure is set by adjusting shutter speed or aperture until a green LED lights up in the viewfinder.


Depress the film rewind release button and advance the rapid-wind lever. Needs a spacer disc for a tripod, slow flash sync. Basic Operating Instructions 8. For use of the X setting on the shutter speed dial, refer to page To remove the lens, leaving the Mount Adaptor K attached to the camera body, simply unscrew the lens counterclockwise.

I bought the ebay MX intending to merely have it on display, but since I’ve rediscovered how good it feels to use, I may well give my K5 a rest and start actually shooting some film!

Take care to protect both body and lens from rain or splashing water. If you use a longer screw, you will probably puncture the bottom of the socket, after which the camera will not function properly. I was delighted with the size and weight saving in my packs.

Since the mechanism for locking in the Mount Pebtax K is totally different from that which locks in an SMC Pentax bayonet-mount lens, the lens release lever on asxhi camera body plays no part at all.

ASAHI Pentax MX 35mm SLR Analogue Film Manual Camera With lenses, flash and case

The only thing the battery controls is the meter itself which has no bearing on operation of the camera’s functions, which are entirely mechanical. The best storage place is cool, dry, clean and well-ventilated. In addition to making “Time” exposure, the lock lever is also used to turn off the meter circuit and simultaneously prevent accidental release of the shutter.

In this case, it will take a considerable length penntax time before mnual equipment can be returned to you owing to the complicated customs procedures required in Japan in importing and re-exporting photographic equipment. Manual Shutter Operation Helpful Hints on Exposure Problems As with the ME, which I have manuaal reviewed, I find this camera works best out-of-the-box with smaller and lighter primes.

Pentax MX – Pentax Manual Focus Film SLRs – Pentax Camera Reviews and Specifications

A book that has been read but is in good condition. What do you want it for? It should now appear.

At that time, the only reason I could see to even mznual a 35mm in my work was as a backup in the field, and I had no reason to own a 35mm that was bulkier than the sleek and ergonomic Manua any one of these is used between the camera body and an SMC Pentax lens, the stop down metering system must be used.


M, MF or FP. Minimum monthly payments are required. Other reviews have mentioned the very stiff shutter speed dial.

The dust jacket for hard covers may not be included. Handle by the edges with a dry cloth before insertion into the camera. The table on the next page shows which flash contact, which shutter speed and which flash bulb may be combined for maximum lamp efficiency.

The dial is stiffer than that on many other cameras, but see video links below it can absolutely be operated with a single index finger, or even still with a two-finger pinch grip whilst still looking through the finder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In such a case, to achieve a really good photo, you must compensate for the difference by opening or closing down the aperture 1 or 2 stops.

Horizontal position Hold the camera firmly with your left hand, and draw your arms close to your body. Lenses and accessories from other manufacturers are not produced to these precise specifications and.

Body weight grams. For deliberate multiple exposures, make the first exposure in the normal way. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. You will note from the depth-of-field scale in the photograph that the range from approximately 4 to 7m is in focus.

The set shutter speed and aperture are visible in the view finder, the latter via a window that projects the mwnual value from the aperture ring into the view finder. Page of 22 Go. Put the batteries into the camera right before shooting. Not having automatic settings is no big deal. To print the manual completely, please, download it.