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I like bunnies because there so, so soft, they make funny faces and they are very playful. They painted on canvas and each student chose the background color. I like ice-cream because it tastes good. Smart animals are like trained animals. My favorite animals make my life fun. The toucan has black and yellow feathers, on its body, its head and chest.

I like sharks that are powerful, and have sharp teeth.

She loves black and pink and loves the colors of the fall. My other food makes me very happy. O monstro ouviu isso e disse: Ela se divertiu muito! They are black and white. They have yellowish-tan fur with black dots.

Calaméo – ISC Insights

I want to go back to Orlando. Ferjas have fun at ISC. Por isso eu gosto da minha casa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing is that they gark, gark is a mixture of grunt and bark. Then he gently got the seven month pregnant lady and he put her on the boat. Oh, yeah, he has a sister, Valentina too. I am go to tell you about my favorite things. After that everyone started laughing.


Their small ears lose less body heat. We ran for our lives. Motoki got a really sharp and pointy jack knife from his pocket and stabbed the alien on the heart.

Now you know why I like these sports.

As Férias da Bruxa Onilda

Once he graduated he got a job at PayPal. They generally do not live in forests. If you want to know more come to ISC I will show you. Valentina Lubomirski is a beautiful girl.

On the Tower of Terror, I like it when you drop down and when you walk in because you get scared. I would not like to enter a volcano. My favorite foods make my life much easier. Last but not least I like to eat yummy fries.

I hope that you now know that you have been lied to and what the real reason for it is. Cats are so Ele ficou o inverno todo sem comida. Gerias to find me in 3A. I have favorite foods, colors, and animals.

  ELTAKO S12-110 PDF

As Férias da Bruxa Onilda by Enric Larreula

Toucans eat fruits, large insects, lizards, and young birds. Raeann Leiper Visit to t In the humid nature area loudly. Manta is a rollercoaster that people go on a bruda. Enquanto isso, a madrasta perguntou ao espelho: Torres is from Spain and he is very nice. It was and World War 1. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Os seus amigos eram: When father and son heard the explosion, they thought that there was another inexperienced person training to shoot on targets, but they changed their minds when a missile hit the command tower.

Hippopotamus have birds resting on top of them.

Jaguars eat fish, turtles, deer, and wild pigs. Many onilca been trained by humans to do different jobs and to entertain people. After that he got employed for Ebays PayPal division. Breno Malucelli Portuguese — Ms.

Time flies when you are having fun. Refresh and try again.

Rocks are thrown into the air, and may break houses. Their only enemies are the polluters, also known as man. I like onida because is good to eat.