Death of a Salesman (Tod eines Handlungsreisenden), by Arthur Miller, Director: Bastian Kraft, Cast: Willy Loman: Ulrich Matthes, Linda Loman: Olivia Grigolli. von Arthur Miller Regie: Luk Perceval. German by Volker Schlöndorff and Florian Hopf. > Trailer. Willy Loman, who has been a traveling salesman for 36 years. Tod eines Handlungsreisenden from Arthur Miller (theatre in german language). A guest performance from Schauspielbühnen in Stuttgart, Altes Schauspielhaus.

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English Language and Literature Studies – Literature. When Willy Loman is heard racing off with his car at the end of Arthur Millers play Death of a Salesmannobody doubts why he is doing so. He wrecks his car and kills himself to leave his family 20, dollars insurance handlunngsreisenden.

Willy Loman is a suicide. And yet every viewer of the play will ask himself [1] who or what killed this man. What are the forces that pushed him towards this somber end? For how one answers it decides what kind of message one distils from the play.

: Zu: Arthur Miller – Tod eines Handlungsreisenden eBook: Anonym: Kindle Store

In this paper, I will not focus on a possible moral message of the play. As I am not the first to engage in this matter, I will be able to present the viewpoints of different critics, and to compare them. It seems to be a characteristic of Death of a Salesman that many reasons can be named for its catastrophic ending — its discussion has been very controversial.

It has repeatedly been criticized that Arthur Miller makes use of fuzzy logic in his rines. On the one hand, one can see obvious traits of social criticism in Death of a Salesmanon the other hand Miller presents two characters — Charley and Bernard — that succeed in a capitalistic world without acting unfair. Miller condemns a social order ruled by wealth while approving of the right way to live in it.

This division marks the two directions criticism has been following through the years. For that reason, I will divide my inquiry into two sections: Cultural Reasons and Psychological Reasons. Whenever necessary, arthr two domains will be cross-linked in order to form a synthesis. When verifying quotations from Death of a SalesmanI will use plain numbers in brackets, such as Excerpts from secondary works will be substantiated in an extended form, e.

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Numbers refer to the pages the quotations were found on.

In fact, several scenes of the play, among them some of the most important ones, seem to support this point of view:. Howard is busy with his new tape recorder. All that counts for people like him is efficiency. Willy hits the nail on its head when he says:. In those days, there was personality in it, Howard. There was respect, and comradeship, and gratitude in it.

Willy adores him — to him he is a myth. And, by God, I was rich. The scenes in which Ben appears draw a picture similar to the one in the Howard scene. For instance, Ben provokes Biff to engage in a fist fight with him, and suddenly trips him.

The roughness of power is arthuur only force that helps one surviving there. Obviously, for Ben the whole life is such a jungle.

Zu: Arthur Miller – Tod eines Handlungsreisenden

Miller did not miss the opportunity to endow Ben with the face of death itself. Shortly before Willy decides to kill himself, Miller inserts the following line: Miller depicts a Willy Loman who cannot handle the new technologies thrown on the market by sharply calculating economists, technologies that are now part of daily life. In another scene, he falls victim to the invention of advertisement.

When Willy regrets having bought the refrigerator he hates artbur because it permanently breaks downhis wife Linda says: All of these scenes demonstrate that modern economy and modern life are strange to Willy Loman. To use einds Marxist term that fits in here: He is alienated from his work and his environment.

Brenda Murphy convincingly points handljngsreisenden that in presenting the characters of Charley, Bernard, Howard and Ben, Miller gives examples for the three forms in which wealth is attained in the world of Death of a Salesman.


The first two stand for hard work combined with a stress on education, Howard for inheritance, and Ben for sheer luck.

This brings us to the second point in this section. Yet economic pressure alone does not seem sufficient to explain it. And as pointed out above, Miller in his play presents two characters that get on well with capitalism without becoming reckless monsters: American Studies – Literature. Literaturwissenschaft – Moderne Literatur.

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Our newsletter keeps you up to date with all new papers in your subjects. Request a new password via email. List of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Cultural Reasons 2. In fact, several scenes of the play, among them some of the most important ones, seem to support this point of view: Willy hits the nail on its head when he says: Who Killed Willy Loman? The American Theater of Change.

A Portrayal of a Puritan Recension of Arthur Millers “Death of a Salesman”. Behind the Plays of Arthur Miller. Guilt and Responsibility in Arthur Miller’s Plays.

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Die Desillusionierung des amerikanischen Traums am Beispiel der Sa Wirksamkeit von Tox im Amerika der er Jahre unter besonde Das Problem des Handlungsreisenden. Upload your own papers! Earn money and win an iPhone X. Upload Papers, win an iPhone X. Each new text counts as one lot! Publish now – it’s free.