Arta conversaţiei civilizate: ghid de exprimare elegantă by Margaret Shepherd( Book) 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat. Academia de engleza: Ghid de conversatie Sherlock Holmes. reptilianul din mine (Cartea a Arta meditativa a Aromoterapia feng Cele opt pacate capitale ale omenirii civilizate. in limba latina. cu o Mita dragoste pentru literaturA §1 arta% Se punea Se §tie cd limba de conversatie a tuturor cArturarilor romani calvini din in pile civilizate unele forme ale ei au intrat in domeniul legendei. in proportii mai.

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Jun 29, Cindy rated it liked it. I’m glad you don’t have a GoodReads account!

This is kettle calling! The book was not bad. It’s another book that I wish I could give to many friends and family but fear that they would take it the wrong way.

Maybe it was just not the right week for me to read this, but I was not impressed and do not atta it offered me anything of value. Holly gave me this book.

Cobuz, Adina [WorldCat Identities]

Interestingly – last night I had two of my most chatty friends over. I’ve been trapped in some pretty dull conversations. Refresh and try again. This book will get you through almost any social situation.

It’s a nicely written and practical little manual. This book is very good at providing basics in polite conversation. In our fast-paced, electronic society, the most basic social interaction–talking face-to-face–can be a challenge for even the most educated and self-assured individuals. This is the first book Confersatiei have listened to with narration by Donna Postel and she did an outstanding job with a pleasant, expressive voice, well-modulated delivery and no trace of the pedantic.


It’s easy to want to write off a lot of this book as “common sense,” but I think we all have times when we deviate from it.

A good review of well known but often forgotten tenants of civilized life. This is a poor man’s Convesatiei Manners, entirely lacking in her wit, charm, and grace. Jan 31, Tess rated it liked it Shelves: I felt there were a few too many personality squelching no-nos; I would fear being a bit of a robot if I took her instruction to much to heart.

The Art of Civilized Conversation: A Guide to Expressing Yourself with Style and Grace

Did it help me? Good conversation also opens doors to a happier love life, warmer friendships, and more rewarding time with family. This book is a worthwhile read, for everyone of all ages. We don’t come from families who are talented in this area! A book to be soon on my ‘reference’ civilizat, this is one of civiilizate books which an individual should read annually.

I wish the author had a firm editor who did not allow grammar and sentence structure mistakes. And, while the information is valuable and the narration excellent, it is hard to take in large doses. This is kettle This is another great, short book packed full of information. May 18, Steve Walsh rated it really liked it. That always distracts me from the subject. To ask other readers questions about The Art of Civilized Conversationplease sign up. Sep 03, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: Just as the other arts include pauses in a dramatic play, white margins around printed text, and space between a singer’s phrases, conversation is about silences as well as about words.

Books by Margaret Shepherd. I’m sure coonversatiei these examples apply to someone. Feb 19, Amy rated it really liked it. I recently moved to a conversatiej city and have found myself in a lot of new networking situations. I found some parts of this book a bit condescending and silly, but the sections near the end about conversations beyond cocktail parties how to talk to someone much older or much younger than you, how to talk to someone who is terminally ill, how to talk to someone who has had a miscarriage were really thoughtful.


Dec 22, Ariane rated it it was ok. The Art of Civilized Conversation: It put me to sleep a few times. Jun 25, Ty rated it it was ok. Much of the advice given is, for most of us, common sense. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And yet making conversation is a highly practical skill: The book is basic, but that is what I was looking for Feb 16, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: The author illustrates how enriching civilizage can be and how important it is to treat everyone with respect.

Aug 02, Mary convesratiei it really liked it. Jul 08, L. Feb 26, Jenn “JR” rated it it was amazing Shelves: The BEST part is the last chapter on how to talk to children a horribly underdeveloped skill in our world of worldsthe elderly, and people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, and even the comatose literally, not figuratively. Although much of the author’s advice is obvious, I have bookmarked paragraphs concerning how to disagree in a I selected this book, The Art of Civilized Conversation: Worth a read for anyone looking to avoid being a civilizaet at xrta party.