Joseph H. Peterson (Goodreads Author) (Editor). · Rating details · 48 ratings · 2 reviews. In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Unlike the. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic . Latin text with parallel English translation by Joseph H. Peterson, Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients. Newly translated, edited and annotated. All about Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients by Joseph Peterson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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He that is faithfully conversant in his vocation, shall have also the Spirits constant companions of his desires, who will successively supply him in all things. Hardcoverpages. Omnipotent and eternal God, who hast ordained the whole creation for thy praise and petersoj, and for the salvation of man, I beseech thee that thou wouldst send thy Spirit N.

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients: Original Sourcebook of Angel Magic by Joseph H. Peterson

In this place it shall suffice, that we distinguish the Sciences, which is good, and which is evil: And I will give thee understanding, and will teach thee in the way wherein thou shalt go, and I will guide thee with my eye.

At the West DE. The Seal of Secrets of the World described in aphorism 27, fourth septenary: God revealed himself to Moses in the bush. Ophiel is the governour of such things as are attributed to Mercury: He converteth treasures into coles, and coles into treasure.

In quo corriget adolescens viam suam?

Turn over therefore with thy hand, both night and day, those holy Writings, that thou mayest be happie in things present, and blessed in all eternity. We call that a secret, which no man can attain unto by humane industry without revelation; which Science lieth obscured, hidden by God in the creature; which nevertheless he doth permit to be revealed by Spirits, to a due use of the thing it self.

The early medieval Arabic magical book known as the Picatrix covers this in detail.

Therefore the Magitian of God, which signifies a wise man of God, or one informed of God, is led forth by the hand of God unto all everlasting good, both mean [small] things, and also the chiefest corporal things.


Become a LibraryThing Author. I aim to deal with the bigger “holographic” picture and although I am curious about breaking down the yantra of the Seal, the message I received while doing my own work with the Arbatel is that is of lesser importance than the bigger transcendental picture.

The angels associated with the Greco-Roman deities mentioned would respectively be Sachiel, Uriel, Michael, and Gabriel, which differ from the more traditional line-up adapted from Jewish Merkabah mysticism: So that the Eastern secrets leterson commended to be the ;eterson the Meridian [Southern] to be mean; and the West and North to be lesser. arbatell

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients: Original Sourcebook of Angel Magic

Ignorance of the government of God by Angels To contemne the custody of the Angels, and that their companions are of the devil. God the first, incorruptable, everlasting, unbegotten, without parts, most like himself, the guide of all good, expecting no reward, the best, the wisest, the father of right, having learned justice without teaching, perfect, wise by nature, the onely inventor thereof.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Secondly it is requisite, that a man descend down into agbatel, and chiefly study to know himself; what mortal part he hath in him, and what immortal; and what part is proper to himself, and what diverse.

To koseph a Divine according to the Bible and Schooles, which all writers of divinity both old and new have taught. josepg

Make a beginning of the nature of the secret, either by a Spirit in the form of a person, or by vertues separate, either in humane Organs, or by what manner soever the same may be effected; and this being known, require of a Spirit which knoweth that art, that he would briefly declare unto thee ppeterson that secret is: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbour as thy self: We decided to gain insight by contacting the entities associated with the moon mansions through arbatell work, but thinking contacting the angels associated with the mansions too ambitious or risky, we opted to connect with the associated planetary rulers–the Olympic Spirits.

And at the South, E. There are ceremonial magicians–such as Rufus Opus–who will do elaborate workings that involve specific timing and coordination of angelic energies cataloged as being relevant to that time and day. Then, as we were drifting into sleep, we would visualize the sigil of the Olympic Spirit.


He changeth all metals into silver, in word and deed; governeth Lunary things; healeth the dropsie: To be a good house-keeper both in the Country and City.

Et partes rursum in quatuor diuidantur, ut sint circuli partes, ac tot sunt Secreta vera reuelanda. Dietrich Bergman, Teitan press, Preview — Arbatel by Joseph H. Projecting from the center A, this is the invisible God in the entire creature. Imperat LegionibusLegio est numerus God liveth, and thy soul liveth: Activities had to be deftly synchronized with daily—and even hourly—planetary and lunar events.

Thank you for clarifying that! Often quoted In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Therefore we are carefully to proceed in Magick, lest that Syrens and other monsters deceive us, which likewise do desire the society of the humane soul.

And he may sinne by rashnes and stubbornes. Put no confidence in thy own wisdom; but look unto God in all things, according to that sentence of the Scripture: We don’t know what the actual scheme that the author of the Arbatel used.

Sic non est, ut quis glorietur, non est volentis nec currentis, sed vel miserentis DEI vel alicuius alterius spiritualis fati. The second is, the curing of diseases with Metals, either by the magnetick vertues of precious stones, or by the use of the Philosophers stone, and the like. The third [fourth] Septenary. But he who coveteth contemptible dignities, as riches alone, let him call the Prince of riches, or one of his Lords, and he shall obtain his desire in that kinde, whereby he would grow rich, either in earthly goods, or merchandize, or with the gifts of Princes, or by the study of Metals, or Chymistry: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

At the North, C.