Uses of Package No usage of Skip navigation links. Overview · Package, Class, Use, Tree. Place the class files on the cloned instance under $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/xdo/ common/tmp. Bounce the concurrent manager on the cloned. createTmpFileJDK() at TmpFile() at FOUtility.

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BI Publisher Blog: BI Publisher: Font Setup & Troubleshooting

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RT] Executing post-processing actions for request As per the note ID The concurrent manager process has successfully invoked the OPP but it a timeout is encountered as the OPP takes too long to complete the job.

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Please see attached document for your better understanding. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, use the following forms: From there the Temporary directory will be displayed.


In the task pane, under See Also, click Fonts. You have to explicitly modify the xml element in BI publisher and copy the element code in Help Text area. XML Publisher output file not created at oracle.

Проблема создания XML через BI Publisher из базы OeBS

But the client wants the output in Excel only. Installing the new fonts in BI Publisher 1.

Service Thread will shutdown once all aps requests have completed. Program exited with status 1 Cause: Login or Sign Up. I am getting the following error when i try to use the xml publisher report.

Oracle Applications: Error in BI Publisher : NoAvailableAreaException

One or more post-processing actions failed. Please review the OPP log file via form application. Post-processing of request failed at JUL No further attempts will be made to post-process this request, and the request will be marked with Warning status. These files will automaticly be removed after the output is generated or in case of failure, they may remain on the file system.


XMl Publisher Reports Fail with on Temp Directory After Cloning

Verify the font is being found by BI Publisher. Also, the following posts are good: The Output Post-processor is running but has not picked up this request. And the log file has this errors:. What that means and how you can get it. A must read article! Can anyone help in this issue. Distinct-values is working after adding the prefix xdoxslt Hi Bhasker, Can you send me the log file and its template. Come to the bottom, you might see followng error.

I think you missed “xdoxslt: Hi I am getting this error with the same issue, i. Hi, My output is etext.