ABSTRACT. The present study aimed to evaluate the in vitro antimicrobial activity of pharmacologically important Adhatoda vasica plant extracts. Plant Adhatoda vasica L. Nees (Acanthaceae) commonly known as Malabar nut is an evergreen two – three m tall shrub, sometime used as. Adhatoda vasica (L.) (Acanthaceae) is used in the indigenous system of medicine in India. The alkaloid Vasicine was isolated from ethanolic extract of the .

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Vasicine acetate showed minimum inhibitory concentration values against bacteria; they were M. The free radical scavenging activity was calculated as follows:.

Investigation on antifeedant zntimicrobial anthelmentic potential of Adhatoda vasica nees. Publications and Information Directorate; The solutions were filtered through a membrane filter pore size 0.

Structure of the compounds: Abstract Adhatoda vasica L. Nees Acanthaceaeknown commonly as Malabar nut tree, is a shrub growing throughout the Indian peninsula. Sankar2 and K. Cytotoxic A and antimicrobial effects of Methylobacterium sp.

Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences Paper

UV-Visible spectra were taken in methanol on Thermo Fisher instrument. A human adenocarcinoma cancer cell line was obtained from National Institute of Cell Sciences, Pune. BHT is used as standard of antioxidant. Antifeedant and toxic activity of Adhatoda vasica leaf extract against Spodoptera littoralis Lep. Minimum inhibitory concentration of Vasicine acetate against tested bacteria and fungi. The structure was elucidated using spectroscopic methods: Separation was carried out at room temperature.


Natural products still remain the most important source for discovery of new and potential drug molecules. Introduction Natural products still remain the most antimicroobial source for discovery of new and potential drug molecules. Adhattoda required concentrations, antimcrobial, Al-Dhabi1 C. The compound showed prominent cytotoxic activity in vitro against A lung adenocarcinoma cancer cell line.

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The free radical scavenging activity was calculated as follows: Microbial Organisms The following Gram negative, Gram positive bacteria, clinical isolates, and fungi were used for the experiment: The leaves are used to treat malarial fever, chronic fever, intrinsic hemorrhage, cough, asthma, leprosy, skin diseases, and piles [ 6 ].

Materials and Methods 2. The plant was identified by Dr. ot

Antibacterial Activity of Leaf Extracts of Adhatoda vasica – MAHE Digital Repository

Vasicine acetate was obtained by acetylation of Vasicine. HPLC chromatograms of the ethanol extract of the leaves of Adhatoda vasica. The chemicals are given in delta scale with TMS as an internal standard.

HPLC analysis was carried out on a Waters Alliance separations module with photodiode array detector Waters, The antifungal agent Ketoconazole for fungi and antibacterial agent Streptomycin for bacteria were included in the assays as positive controls.

The plant contains alkaloids such as Vasicine, oc, deoxyvasicine, vasicol, adhatodinine, and vasicinol [ 12 ].


Table 4 Cytotoxic effect of Vasicine acetate against A lung adenocarcinoma cancer cell line. Other constituents include vitamin C, saponins, flavonoids as well as steroids, and fatty acids [ 13 ].

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. All melting point values are uncorrected and taken by open capillary method adhatofa a heating block Instrument.

The plant is reported to show abortifacient [ 7 ], antimicrobial [ 89 ], and antitussive activities [ 10 ]. Zones of inhibition were recorded in millimetres and the experiment was repeated twice.

B revised New Delhi, India: Vasicine is reported to have bronchodilatory, respiratory stimulant, and uterine stimulant effects [ 14 ]. Journal of Natural Product and Plant Actuvity. Cytotoxic effect of Vasicine acetate against A lung adenocarcinoma cancer cell line.

Preliminary phytochemical and antibacterial screening of crude extract of the leaf of Adhatoda vasica. Ray of hope for cancer patients. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research; The MIC for fungi was defined as the lowest extract concentration, showing no visible fungal growth after incubation time.

Minimum inhibitory concentration studies of the compounds were performed according to the standard reference methods for bacteria [ atcivity ] and filamentous fungi [ 18 ].