English: The aim of the present study was to induce oestrus in postpartum anoestrus dairy cows after the application of two hormonal treatments. With this. Controle sobre GnRH durante o anestro pós-parto em bovinos A secreção do hormônio folículo estimulante (FSH) em vacas retorna aos padrões do ciclo. 18 jun. O seu uso é recomendado para melhorias na fixação e taxas de concepção de vacas em anestro pós-parto, face auxiliar na sincronia do estro.

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A adiponectina possui dois tipos de receptores: Reproductive handling consisted of a gynecological examination of all cows in the first 10 days postpartum, in order to treat pathologies associated with puerperium. Animal Reproduction Sciencev. As vacas foram divididas, ao acaso, em dois tratamentos. Mammary somatosensory pathways are not required for suckling-mediated inhibition of luteinizing hormone aestro and delay of ovulation in cows. Segundo DAS et al.

Rn cows had a higher Odds ratio 2. A novel avian hypothalamic peptide inhibiting gonadotropin release.

With this purpose a group of 89 dairy cows in anoestrus, with 60 or more days from calving, were selected in the south region of Chile. J Reprod Fert ; 30 Supp: Behavioural Brain Researchv. Up to the s, classic clinical signs in cows with OFC as described in the literature were: Moreover, the average number of hormonal treatments that cows with OFC received was 1.


Risk factors for postpartum ovarian cysts and their spontaneous recovery or persistence in lactating dairy cows. Pituitary and ovarian responses to gonadotropin releasing hormone, calf removal and progestogen in anestrous beef cows.

GnRH control during bovine postpartum anestrous

A Kaplan-Meier survival analysis was used to compare the proportion of non-pregnant cows and days postpartum in cows with and without OFC. Ovulation and reproductive hormones following steroid pretreatment, calf removal and GnRH in postpartum suckled beef cows. Leptin receptor mRNA is expressed in ewe anterior pituitary and adipose tissues and is differentially expressed in hypothalamic regions of well-fed and feed-restricted ewes.

Cows that did not have an insemination record 70 days postpartum were examined rectally, in order to diagnose anestri apply the corresponding treatment.

The animals vacqs artificially inseminated AI 12 h after estrus detection. These results are similar to those obtained in other studies Lopez-Gatius et alPeter Reproductive losses in beef industry. Identification and characterization of a gonadotropin-inhibitory system in the brains of mammals.


Montiel F, Ahuja C, Body condition and suckling as factors influencing the duration of postpartum anestrous in cattle: J Reprod Fertil ; 90 2: Regional differences in the distribution of gonadotropin-releasing hormone cells between rapidly growing and growth-restricted prepubertal female sheep.

Australian Veterinary Journalv.

Differences in response based on pubertal status at the initiation of treatment. Effects of leptin on gonadotropin-releasing hormone release from hypothalamic-infundibular explants anesfro gonadotropin release from adenohypophyseal primary cell cultures: Estrus detection was carried out visually for periods of two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon.

A role for kisspeptins in the regulation of gonadotropin secretion in the mouse. Os resultados do presente trabalho condizem com aqueles descritos por Aono et al. Domestic Animal Endocrinologyv.

Endocrine patterns in the post-partum cow.

Biology Reproductionv. Endocr Rev ; Leptin gene expression, circulating leptin, and luteinizing hormone pulsatility are acutely responsive to short-term fasting in prepubertal heifers: Nutritional anestrus in beef cows: