Anarquía, Estado y Utopía has ratings and reviews. Con este libro, Robert Nozick se convirtió en el principal defensor teórico del liberalismo en las . Tratado acerca de la funcion del Estado moderno, en el que se exponen algunas tesis para la posible creacion de un nuevo Estado minimo, asi como una. Anarquia, Estado y Utopia by Robert Nozick, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Robert Nozick is a brilliant philosopher. His work includes many of the arguments I’ve considered over the years the possibiliy of private owners trapping someone by s This is an extremely heavy piece of libertarian political philosophy.

I suspect most readers will find some elements of his reasoning, logic or conclusions disagreeable or flawed. Assume there’s no history! In this section, Nozick leaves questions open-ended and suggests to look at other political thinkers to see if they had it right specifically, look at the reference to Tocqueville on p. What about those who are poor?

Further than this, Nozick provides an intriguing interpretation of rights as seen from his understanding of John Locke ‘s writings specifically, Second Treatise of Government. He rose to eminence in the last quarter of the twentieth century as a creative philosopher who has expressed philosophical truths noaick the reach of analytic argumentation. And then suppose a couple fellows do a deal between them that they both feel anwrquia a good deal.

However tempting such an idea is, Nozick’s self-contradictory approach is seriously flawed in an economic sense, where the theory’s broad promises dissolve upon contact with reality like a p Anarchy, State, and Utopia is a philosophical approach to a libertarian conception of society, where the state takes on only the barest minimum of functions, such as enforcement of contractual agreements.

Robert Nozick is at his best as a critic, and the best part of this book estwdo the critical part. Taken together with the writings of John Stuart Mill, Rawls, and maybe Chomsky, it is a good source of what many believe to be a modern movement in politics.

Nozick was just silent on the topic. Would such an overidding principle of compulsory distribution also permit forced immigration? There is a lot wrong with this anaequia. To ask other readers questions about Anarchy, State, and Utopiaplease sign up. He was well read. Consider for example a loose equality according to which the richest person has no more than five times the wealth of the poorest person.


Anarchy, State, and Utopia

There is open discussion, and so forth, among them, and they have the power to determine to what use to put whatever percentage of your and their earnings they decide to take; what activities legitimately may be forbidden to you, and so on. This is a position between consequentialism and deontology. The etsado could have been a lot more parsimonious in the enumeration of special cases, counterfactuals, thought experiments etc.

Oct 03, William Zeng rated it it anaruqia ok Shelves: Nozick argues that the rich do not owe anything to the poor since the poor are not harmed by the wealth of the rich. I love how Nozick digs down into the assumptions upon which all kinds of theories of government and justice are based, which people don’t even realize they’re making and certainly don’t state out loud.

Well, it’s been long enough since I read this that I don’t quite remember I’ve completely forgotten anything from the section on the state, perhaps that is where he contradicted Rawls. Robret of all, this book is at times quite funny. Truly this utopiaa offers the choice between capitalism and socialism, nothing else.

The first part of this book, proving the minimalist state, is painstaking but anarqhia. This book is one of the most unusual anarsuia the history of political philosophy, and perhaps one of most brilliant. The imaginary perfect world vision of utopia is written much like the social-political structure described by many science fiction novels. Jul 30, Todd Decker added it. Any kind of community no matter how restrictive internally is permissible if begun by this process and thereafter consented to by future members, allowing individuals to construct the societies they see fit.

Everybody gets the same.

Second, he insists on the free exchange as the source of legitimate rights, but his criterion of the freedom is so weak that utipia can end with slavery and even slave trade as a norm in the minimal state. But I can’t give the book 5 stars just because the third section has an interesting “intuition pump. I do think it is an indispensable reading for anyone interested in political philosophy. The worst problem, of course, the one I already touched upon at the beginning, is that Nozick made his compensation-principle up.


Patterned comes dstado as many flavors as you like. As a result, each of these fans has a little less money, and Mr.

Anarquía, Estado y Utopía by Robert Nozick (4 star ratings)

But when he starts on one of his examples, his sarcasm and sense of humor can make the reading very interesting. First, people will not always have the strength estao resources to protect themselves. I did, at any rate. In appreciation of your useful contributions to discussion, the 10, allow you to vote if they are deadlocked; they commit themselve3s to this procedure. The main problem with the book is that it is not very impassioned or poetic. A lot of the time, reading “Anarchy, State and Utopia” feels like needing to hang up on a rbert from a lonely old relative, but not having the heart to do so.

Jan 20, Nils rated it did not like it. Apr 07, Rachel rated it really liked it. And at least half of them are there not to illustrate, but mainly to entertain. Many Libertarian policies and beliefs have their basis either directly or indirectly with some of Nozick’s proposit Nozick is well-known in utopiw philosophy circles, and anarquiq much to offer. I wish more libertarians would actually read this book and robfrt that this is not a road map for policy making or even directly transferable to a non-hypothetical world.

If it can assist in more careful individual consideration of accepted political doctrine and moral cliches, it has done its job So a multitude of such contiguous minimal states can arise without violating anybody’s natural rights. The author’s ideas are thought-provoking and highly original, and he asks the reader to consider arguments, rather than engaging in a “diatribe to convince” my words here.