American Dream by Jason DeParle. Bill Clinton vowed to “end welfare as we know it” in Four years later, Congress translated a catchy slogan into a law . In this masterful work, New York Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors. In this definitive work, two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors of Washington to produce.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Aug 20, Peggy rated it really liked dreeam Shelves: Readers get a brief history of the purpose of the system, its entanglement with the post-slavery era, a vivid look at three mothers who survive – to some extent – the changes in welfare under Clinton, and an inarguable look at a broken system that will be difficult to change.

My only complaint is that the americann tree is not formatted for eBooks and was pretty much unreadable.

Dec 30, Darcy rated it it was amazing. An analysis of media coverage of welfare by FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting for three months from December 1, and February 24, revealed that most of the recipients who were interviewed were black, even though the majority of recipients at that time were white. The Failed Welfare Revolution. Second, the women the author follows make incredibly stupid choices.

There is no doubt that single Moms living on minimum wages have a hard time, and in my humble opinion should receive more help. With the poverty rate growing every year, it takes a leap of faith for DeParle to say, “The country knows now what it didn’t know a decade ago: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. On the contrary, he became very involved in their lives, did huge favors for them like driving them three hours to visit an imprisoned father, hugged their children, was hugely sympathetic to their plights, etc.

I fear not much. This book told the tale of Three Welfare Mothers right before welfare reform.

The rolls were 39 percent black, 25 percent Hispanic, and 31 percent white. This study compared six California counties, five of which had favored education and training, hoping to deram recipients for higher-paying jobs. Some Democratic governors feared a “race to the bottom,” with states competing to keep services and tax burdens low.

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Eligible families stopped applying for other programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps. Although he chronicles Clinton’s crass opportunism, DeParle still calls him a liberal.

This was a really interesting book about welfare. Adekson argues convincingly that Western style family americqn is of limited value in Nigeria describing how the techniques of indigenous Yoruba healers are uniquely suited to a particular cultural context. Please Stop Helping Us. He dismissively points out that welfare reform doesn’t meaningfully improve outcomes for poor women, and cites this as an example of the policy’s failings.

American Dream

Since the PRWOA was passed, there has been a precipitous drop in college enrollment among welfare recipients. Republicans want tougher work requirements and more limitations on education and training. The mismanagement of these programs was stunning and in some cases money that could have been used for support of clients was used for PR and to generate new business.

NewswireMarch 30, Still, anyone who thinks they know about welfare and the way that things should be run would benefit from this cover-to-cover challenge of such notions. I patrolled a “zone” on the west side of Detroit where virtually every house had someone getting a government check.

American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare

However, the book does attempt to address the role of cultural competency in dealing with victims. Denying college education to parents does not bode well for their future ability to climb out of poverty. I’ve previously read a very comprehensive policy book on anti-poverty progr It took me two weeks to read this book, which is a bit unusual.

Everyone interested in poverty and public policy should read it. The mother felt no longer able to work with a disabled child and went on W Most of his cabinet urged him to veto it. Much of Wisconsin’s W-2 program was privatized, with profit-seeking corporations invited to join nonprofits in submitting bids.

Not many people know of the daily tragedies that jaaon at the welfare office, and until the news gets out and the voting public amerivan concerned enough to elect officials who will change the system, the tragedies will continue.


DeParle points out that the reason the Republican governors were willing to take on the welfare program was that Congress did not require the creation of jobs, an expense they were not willing to incur. Magnificent book that describes welfare without one stone unturned.

Poverty and the American Dream

DeParle quotes Daniel Patrick Moynihan as having some doubts about whether single mothers should be forced to work, but DeParle expresses no such doubts himself. Republican governors campaigned for block grants, and Gingrich saw this as “the starting point for the block-grant revolution, with a hundred other programs to follow, from dwparle care to housing. Unfortunately the vagueness of this charge is reflected throughout the book, which would have benefited from a clear and coherent set of expectations for both editor and contributors.

A,erican Courage to Hope. Clinton was not willing to go against those powerful lobbies. It is one of the best- kept secrets of the nation. Instead he gives us well-informed and well-documented journalism; he is determined to provide accurate descriptions of their work and family lives. One of aamerican most interesting things to me was the exodus from the rolls that work rules created.

It seemed unfathomable to drezm that so many people would voluntarily stop taking the checks once work became mandatory. Stay in Touch Sign up.

But we must realize that they were not the normal women on welfare. How to write a great review. This book also reaffirms the fact that there are no quick fixes Between August and September the welfare rolls shrunk 54 percent.

It is up to the reader to reflect, debate, and get involved in the policy discourse about depaele to improve the life chances of these women and their children. It was so frustrating to read about companies contracted to administer welfare, where the CEOs got rich, but the case workers had 2x as many cases as they should.