Copper Gold. ALPAIR 5. Advanced design mini-driver with wide and highlighted frequency range. Specifications. FO. HZ. REVC. OHM. SD. K-MM. 5,4 L volume bass reflex cabinet with HP35 reflex tube, 8 cm long. from 63/52 Hz (-3dB/-8dB). Alpair 6P A paper cone Generation 2 order no. ma-alpair6pa-g2. The Alpair 5 is a special driver. It’s a single suspension driver with no spider. The design optimises low range performance. Compared to typical tweeters, the.

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Hello and Welcome to HiFiVision. If you would like to ask a question, participate in a discussion and view attachments please Register yourself. Forums New posts Search forums. What’s new New posts Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before apair. Mark audio alpair 5 gen 2. Thread starter danielnaveen Start date Jul 21, Hi everyone, I just finished building the first iteration of a micro open baffle speaker and I am using the mark audio alpair 5 for the high frequencies.

Does anyone have experience with this driver? Does it need a lot of burn in time?

It just doesn’t seem very airy. I have it crossed over at hz and have eq’d the top end slighting to improve off axis response. Lionx Member Jul 21, Interesting setup, do alpaur see any advantage with the push pull configuration compared akpair single driver OB. Curious to know more details on the dual woofers. You will have enjoyable full spectrum sound down to easily 40 hz of useful room response.

I am on my way alpaig building dual woofer plus FR, 2 way OB. Lots of responses here, yogibear your right if I had the luxury of running 15 inchers life would have been very different. But any bigger and my entire living area is going to be consumed. Ravindra Desai maybe the alpairs need to run lower qlpair allow them to break in. The woofer I use are GRS 8’s. The baffle size of the speaker is limited and hence the front wave and back wave will cancel each other out and due to the small cone size the speaker doesn’t start beaming from till about hz.

That is why I run the second driver in opposite polarity to move the cancellation allair the sides. The speaker is fully active and the two 8 inch drivers can be moved closer or further to get them timed right. Putting two boxes and have aopair opposing each other doesn’t make sense that’s not a ob design anymore that’s a bandpass box. I have edited my post 6. Kindly read it again. There was no way to see the drivers being run in opposite polarity!!


But still, count my responses about the woofer out as this combination is way above my understanding. However, my comments about the Alpair are correct. I am sorry, the first picture was not bright on my phone and did not see the two woofers with one behind the other. Do either Ripole or PPSL or rather see Alpir project for a very interesting design using 8 inches multiple drivers for amazing bass and sinlge FR driver.

Will try to fish out that design and post link here. Instead of your setup, putting two woofers on same baffle and running them in parallel and alpsir the setup driving dual woofers by one and Alpair by the other will give more OB benefits. Try it and you would like what you hear. Do you have specs on the woofers?

Kannan Well-Known Member Jul 21, In normal application, the two woofers face each other. This helps in reducing the enclosure volume. Not sure how they will work here with open baffle. May be one on each side of the baffle? I really am confused at the way it is looking right now. Something just does not feel right. May be you are trying too many things in this combination. Is there any reference design for such a configuration? Last edited alpaor a moderator: Since the Alpairs are almosr in free air, I suggest you cross them at around hz the best way to arrive at the HPF is to play some thick male vocals and play around the HPF of the Alpair and push it a an octave up from where the sound starts to get muddy.

Alpair 5 Generation 2 – Gold/Grey (pair)

Also play with the slopes. Expecting Alpair to go down anywhere near even hz in OB would be a tough call. The 8″ GRS woofer is high in Qts and even the sensitivity of the both the drivers is matched at 85 dB but to expect the 8″ 85 dB driver to do 55 duty is again a tough call.


I think if you want to build a 2 way OB then there are some other a,pair options too. And again putting those two 8″ drivers one behind one other in open air will not be fruitful as you may expect. OB is mostly build around high Qts, high Senstivity drivers with larger Cone area and on flea power, they are magical. Just sharing my little experience after many non-stop experimenting and numerous falters Still looking for that OB build using multiple 8″ drivers, but here some food for thought when you want to used smaller drivers for LF OB duty: Naveenbnc Well-Known Member Nov 2, View attachment View attachment My original plan is the build two separate ported subwoofers like our FM Sadhik.

But I don’t know how to simulate any of the above designs. Atleast the first one is pretty easy to build If there is a very low probability that 0. Il stay away from attempting No harm in trying. In Audio DIY anything is possible. I have experience with markaudio drivers. They sing really well. My first pair is 7. The second pair I bought yet to receive are I’m planning to build back loaded horns with them in a small package work in progress.

I’ve driven my 7. Highs, upper alpwir are exceptional. That can easily be compared with any high-end speakers. I’m yet to experiment with them in an enclosure. I think the mids alpir bump up slpair sure. I believe for 5. Loved to see the minidsp 2X4.

Mark audio alpair 5 gen 2 |

Are you using fx-qudio tube pre? The amp for subs is QSC if I’m not wrong. You must log aalpair or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.