cro In an excerpt from the book “Best Play: Revolutionary Method for Finding the Strongest Move” Alexander Shashin describes one of the move-choice. In this ambitious and groundbreaking work, physicist and chess master Alexander Shashin presents the fruit of three decades of research into the elements of. A few weeks ago I purchased the book “Best Play: A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move” by Alexander Shashin. For those of you.

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Perhaps then he might have found the move About Tal – Milev: Chess has all the qualities of a complex system the abundance of elements, hierarchy and a so-called “chaos zone”, where it is impossible, in principle, to predict the direction that the system would develop in certain positions. The chaos triumphs celebrates its victory. But the second – first categories pupils are years old.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly with the “mere evaluation of positions”. Positional ideas have ceased bsst live their independent life – all and everything undergoes the computer anatomization. Please, remind yourself to our readers, you have been writing the book for 20 years, hasn’t it? Shashin suggests to choose one of three possible algorithms of the game: How do we add up the packing densities for different types of pieces? What is the percentage of time a chessplayer must deal with the chess literature and on what place would you put the study of your book in a list required for study?

Troubled by pplay memories, which prevented them from memorizing zillions of intermediate positions in the process of calculation, they nevertheless were the world’s strongest players for many years. Some of the many interesting quotes from the interview http: In the Tal algorithm the King is target no.

My overall assessment is that it contains some real “nuggets” of value – but you have alezander be willing to work hard to “mine” them. Here’s the link to his interview on chesscafe for anyone that might have trouble finding bwst But others have told this story before!


On Tal shahsin Milev he would write something like “black squared strategy, white squared initiative, target square e7”. But there is a huge difference between evaluating a position correctly and distilling the correct move from it.

The most brilliant players representing another kind of chess talent are Tal and Kasparov, who have a photographic memory and are unusually fast at calculation. You may review the first 20 pages of the book and see the entire Table Of Contents through my website http: As a rule, the position estimation criteria according to A.

Instead his claim is to find best moves, which is something else entirely. Is there any feedback? Chess, first of all is a chaotic game! Jeroen 5 years 3 months ago Permalink.

Euwe, while developing the ideas of Steinitz, had counted eleven characteristics describing a position. What Shashin promises is that choosing the right algorithm and searching for candidate moves by working through the algorithm should help you finding a more or less appropriate set of candidates.

Wow, not alexaander native English speaker, that’s for sure. A preview of new Shashin’s book in Russian http: Whether d4-d5 is correct or dhashin, you can’t surely know lpay analysing it, as chess is indeed a matter of chance.

IMO, you either see tactics or you don’t, and no arbitrary system is going to help you in that endeavor. I confess that I own and quite enjoy Moskalenko’s book so this might be another book that I will give a chance. There are very few madmen who risk employing Pirc or King’s Indian against Karpov.

Best play – by Alexander Shashin

Kramnik, I think, became confused. One moment he promises that his approach works in all situations, next thing you know he says chess is way too complex for playy. I have the book. Remarkable that Arne Moll has never heard of Alexander Shashin.


The first thing I did I considered the games of Chigorin. He plays in perfect harmony with the first element of the Capablanca Algorithm. In all examples a pupil or a skilled reader will see a detailed confirmation of his work and the methods of its application.


There is a question, – Did Capablanka play according to a plan? Such sessions are later expanded in a general knowledge background,and everyting that passed in the screen pc is saved ,all his games,and all the moves that overpassed the others moves in 0. The Steinitz’s theory which had taken a turn for the worse in the middle of the twentieth century, started to go to pieces when the computers came.

Certainly, each chess player, who faces this approach to the position estimation for the first time, at best has doubts about the possibility of using all this set of characteristics in practice, especially during the real game. Meanwhile, what does Black have? And the rabbit started to think what he realy was doing while he was dancing When Victor replied to 1.

ChessPub Forum – Best Play by Alexander Shashin

At respectable chess schools children are still taught according to Steinitz’s theory- it is good to have open files, but not doubled pawns. The author of the method himself has been studying it for several years.

To be fair, Shashin does present his material in an appealing format. Surely this is not what Shashin had in mind, but shashun is interesting that Best Play seems to focus on middlegame positions mainly though this is not explicitly stated as a limitation.

The concept of a plan is totally foreign to my theory. Vyacheslav Styazhkin “Chess Family”.